Feedback and Reviews

September 2014

Reviewed by J******I**** Z*********

Organic Chai Tea (in a Bag)

I love the orange in this. It really brings out the flavour of the spices.

Minty Frog (Loose in a Bag) (Organic Chocolate Mint Black Tea)

So minty. Very tasty 🙂

Something for the Pain (in a Bag) (Organic Rose Green Tea for Pain)

I haven’t tried this one yet but as a chronic pain sufferer anything that can give me some more relief is worth a go.

Uhura’s Frequency (in a Bag) (Chocolate Chai)

Really chocolatey and spicy! Lovely 🙂

Reviewed by J B.

Tea Upgrade (Single Serving Teabags)

Great upgrade to make tea drinking easier, especially if you are getting a migraine. Conscientious owner and great service.

MIgraine Mitigator (CinnaGin) (Organic Tea for Migraines and Headaches)

Fabulous customer service and a great product. Will shop here again and send friends. Wonderful!

August 2014

 Reviewed by A***** P****** (Etsy)

New Hope

I can not say enough good things about this tea or this shop! Not only was the tea yummy it worked! I got pregnant the month I started drinking it! And the costumer service was above and beyond! Some kind and helpful. I have already ordered some teas for during my pregnancy and gifted some to my mom. I am going to be a long term costumer for sure!

July 2014

Reviewed by V***** a** C******

Teabags Upgrade

Kei Hawk Rose is a wonderful, thoughtful seller who I highly recommend, both for her products and for her customer service! Thank you so much! It’s always a pleasure.

Black Lemon Frost

This is a wonderful blend that I agree is great for combating the fatigue from summer heat.

ChariTea:  I Will Survive

After I received a sample of this I knew I had to purchase it! It is soothing, delicious, and smells divine.

Reviewed by J****** S (Etsy)

New Hope

Good communication, great smelling tea. I hope it works 😉 eta: It did the trick 🙂

Reviewed by E***** (Etsy)

Baby & Me:  NighTea Night

Order arrived quickly. All the teas smell yummy. This is the only one I’ve tried so far and it worked for us!

June 2014

Reviewed by D**  
Sample Tier 2

Fastest Shipping ever! Great communication!

Sample Tier 1

Fastest Shipping ever! Tastes refreshing

Sample Tier 2

My son likes this tea, unusual since he is not a tea drinker. But has a weakness for spicy tastes. Yay! Fast shipment!

Sample Tier 1

I can see clearly now the fog is gone…or at least lifting! Thank you Kei-Hawk!

Sample Tier 1

Helping my daughter with her Ankylosing spondylitis, which has set up residency in her back, until she sees the specialist.

Sample Tier 1

Lots of stress lately, this tea has helped with our migraines by shortening them. So far so good!

Sample Tier 1
Helped my daughter when she had to go off her prescription for lab work for 2 weeks! She got relief from this wonderful tea

Sample of NighTea Night

Fastest Shipping ever! NighTea Night is very soothing and helped me relax from a stressful day. Calming! Kei-Hawk goes above and beyond with helpful information and sincere emails.

Reviewed by J**** S****** (Etsy) Return to Dexterity 

Kei-Hawk chatted with me at length about which tea would be most suitable for the after-work aches that keep me from sleeping well and advised this one. For other kinds of aches there are other teas. Thoughtful packaging in recycled-kraft bags, and the eco-friendly mailer, reveal the considered manner that distinguishes this shop.

Reviewed by J**** S****** (Etsy) (Out, Out Damned Gout)

You put so much effort into developing this tea, as you did with all the others. We have not yet had the “opportunity” to test it, as the gout has been quiescent lately, but feel confident that this tea will be helpful.

Reviewed by M*** B****** (Etsy)
This was a mothers day present and my mother was extra surprised. She loves what this tea does for her.

Reviewed by J*** S***** (Etsy) (New Hope)

Recieved the tea very quickly. I hope it works!

May 2014

Reviewed by M*** B****** (Zibbet)

Repeat order for both Achievement Unlocked and Return to Dexterity.  They work so well that I keep using them or letting family use them that I have to replace.  Seller is a Blessing.

Reviewed by W****** G**** (Etsy)

This tea is so yummy! I ordered 6 little sample tins and each tea is wonderfully blended, super fresh and sooooo tasty ……. all with fast shipping :o)

Reviewed by S******** (Etsy)

Tenth Life:  Ro’s Restoration (Organic Heart Health Tea for the Aging Cat)

Beautifully packaged, and arrived promptly.  I’m very happy with this great product.

Reviewed by M********** (Etsy)

ChariTea: I Will Survive (Loose in a Bag) (Organic Rose Vanilla Calendula Black Tea)

What can I say about this tea? I love this tea…I only wished it was offered in the BIG latch tin. 🙂 I have sooo many favorite teas but I have to add this one to the list. It helps that proceeds go to a good cause. It is a “safe” tea for people that aren’t overly adventurous with their tea flavors or for those who are just starting to try something other than tea you buy in the store. As with all DesartSageNatural transactions it was shipped promptly. Kei Hawk and Partner are a Blessing! Container Upgrade (Jar) The jar came in perfect condition. I always worry that they will break in shipping, and they never do! Kei Hawk takes special care to make sure the jars are packed just right.

April 2014

Reviewed by M******* L******* (Etsy)

Hello Sweetie Tea (in a bag) (Organic Chocolate Chili Chai)

The best! Can’t wait to try more

Reviewed by m************* (Etsy)

New Hope (in a Bag) (Organic Fertility Tea for Women)

It’s very delicious and I also received it quickly! Wonderful and will totally be coming back again in the future!

Reviewed by D******* *. M***** (Etsy)

New Hope (in a Bag) (Organic Fertility Tea for Women)

Bought for a friend, will keep you posted on how it goes!

Chapel’s Chai (in a Bag) (Vanilla Chai) this tea is delicious! It is perfect and I am LOVING every tea i have purchased from you!

Reviewed by D******* *. M***** (Etsy)

SereniTea: Calm Rose (in a Bag) (Organic Rose Stress and Anxiety Headache Tea)

This is my favorite tea so far! It’s delicious and I was relaxed right away!

Bad Wolf (Loose in a Bag) (Organic Vanilla Rosehip Cinnamon Black Tea)

Delicious tasting tea thank you!

Hello Sweetie Tea (in a bag) (Organic Chocolate Chili Chai)

Delicious tea! Thank you!

Reviewed by K***** R***** (Etsy)

New Hope (in a Bag) (Organic Fertility Tea for Women)

Very tasty fast shipping great experience.

March 2014

Reviewed by M*** B***** (Zibbet)

This is a repeat order.  I love return to dexterity it always help with my Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Kei-Hawk is a joy to work with.

Reviewed by M**********  (Zibbet)

(Jar Upgrade)

This arrived 1 days early and in perfect condition.  I had forgotten to add the jar to a previous order, the shop owner had no problem accomodating.  As always a joy to work with!

Reviewed by R****** M***** (Etsy)

Achievement Unlocked: Still Standing (Loose in a Bag) (Organic Pain Tea for being Awake) I use Something for the Pain on a regular basis, but it makes me tired. I am SO happy to have this that will help with my chronic pain, but keep me awake. Amazing stuff.

Minty Frog (Loose in a Bag) (Organic Chocolate Mint Black Tea)

The smell alone makes me happy. I already love Dark City Mint – add a bit of caffeine and I’m a happy girl! Delicious!!!!!

Beauxbaton’s Blend (Loose in a Bag) (Keemun Black/Earl Grey/Russian Caravan with Elderberries and Vanilla)

Okay – next to Bad Wolf this is my new favorite YUMMY tea. So delicious, but a bit ladylike. This is perfect to wake up with!

Reviewed by L*** L*** (Etsy)

Baby & Me: NighTea Night (in a Bag) (Organic Nursing Safe Pregnancy Safe Tea for Insomnia)

works like a charm for me and my toddler. thank you

Reviewed by M*********

Organic Custom Tea Blend (Medicinal or for Taste)

WOW! It doesn’t scream cake but you can sure taste it! My S.O. tasted it to he even could tell it what it was supposed to be. I need to make a batch with a tea bag to avoid the “floaties”, but I think we may have a winner.

Back to Breathing (2 batches in a Latch Tin) (Organic tea for Sinus Infections and other Sinus issues)

Received this today (a day early). Sinus season is kicking my behind and I needed extra help this year. Back to Breathing (B2B) tea is my go to tea on those “just can’t breath” days.

Reviewed by f***********

Fighting Chance (in a Bag) (Organic tea for Fighting Infection blended to target Staph)

Did not work for treating the staph infection.

Tea Upgrade (Single Serving Teabags) Didn’t really work for what I needed.

February 2014

Reviewed by H******** (Zibbet)

(Something for the Blues)

Love it!  The taste is very mild, and I have it with just a bit of sugar and no cream.

Reviewed by S******** S********* (Etsy)

Desert Sage Natural Tea Sample Tier 2

Yet another stunning hand-crafted blend! So delicious and smooth. You are a most wonderfully talented elixir mixer! Thank you so much for everything, including the lightening fast shipping.

Desert Sage Natural Tea Sample Tier 3

Not only are your amazingly crafted teas delicious, but you ship quickly and everything is protected so well! Thank you for your care, consideration and of course your talent.

Desert Sage Natural Tea Sample Tier 3

You are a goddess of tea blending. Nothing else I’ve had compares to your superb teas. I’ve said it before, but I will not buy tea from anywhere else ever again!

Reviewed by R****** M***** (Etsy)

Container Upgrade (Jar)

Well worth the upgrade. I go through Bad Wolf like it’s crack. 🙂 The upgrade is a no brainer for me.

Bad Wolf (Loose in a Bag) (Organic Vanilla Rosehip Cinnamon Black Tea)

This is my favorite tea of all time – hands down. Kei Rose is an amazing seller, as well as an amazing person. I know that every time I buy a tea from her it’s going to be nourishing and delicious. I ONLY buy tea from Desert Sage Natural.

Reviewed by N****** (Etsy)

Something for the Pain (in a Bag) (Organic Rose Green Tea for Pain)

In all my orders from Kei-Hawk I have never been disappointed. Her customer services goes beyond my expectations and the products are always high grade and exceptional. This new order of “Something for the Pain” was for tooth pain and it significantly helped decrease the pain. I also use this pain tea for my cluster headaches and have found the anxiousness and uptightness I get from the pain drops in intensity and calmness and relaxation increases. I would also like to add, the special extras in my order was extremely thoughtful and kind of her to include.

Reviewed by M********* (Etsy)

Container Upgrade (Jar)

I upgraded my orders to jars so they would stay fresh. The orders came a day early and the glass jars weren’t cracked or broken. Can’t wait to order more! I’m especially thankful for the thoughtful gift included in the shipment.

SereniTea: Calm Rose (in a Bag) (Organic Rose Stress and Anxiety Headache Tea)

This arrived a day early! WooHoo. I ordered a sample and it worked GREAT!!! With the stress I’ve been going through at work this tea has helped me remain calm.

Expecto Coughonum (in a Bag) (Organic tea for Coughing)

This arrived a day early! Wonderful as always! I had tried a sample and it worked wonderfully so I ordered an entire batch. 

January 2014

Reviewed by R*D****J*** (Zibbet)

This is my second purchase and my husband and I are now believers in Desert Sage’s tea!  It really works and couldn’t ask for better service.

Reviewed by R****** M*****

Slim & Slender Chai (in a Bag) (Organic Green Weight Loss Chai)

Just smelling this chai makes me happy. The ginger and cardamom is lovely in it. Delicious.

Rebecca’s Rose (Loose in a Bag) (Organic Keemun Black Rose Tea)

This is a gorgeous black tea – soothing and delicious. It helps that it has an EXCELLENT name. 😉

Reviewed by B********T*********

Dog’s Life: After the Cut (Spayed) (in a Bag) (Hormonal Support for Female Dogs)

Will buy from again and again and again. Thanks!

Dog’s Life: Puppy Breath Mint (Organic Dog Breath Aid Tea)

Always awesome to work with 🙂

Reviewed by M********* (Etsy)

Organic Custom Tea Blend (Medicinal or for Taste)

Creating this special tea for myself was the best thing I did! Kei Hawk was so very attentive and “listened” without judgment to my problem then took my extensive list of medications and came up with the most wonderful tea ever invented. Thank you Kei Hawk for the amazing things you do. You are a blessing.

Reviewed by M********* (Etsy)

Desert Sage Natural Tea Sample Tier 2 (Slim and Slender Chai)

This arrived a day early! As always great to work with. Gave this one to a friend. She is loving it! She says it helps keep her full between meals.

Desert Sage Natural Tea Sample Tier 1

Well I didn’t wait for migraine to hit me full blast. I felt it building and quickly had a cup of Migraine Mitigator tea. All I can say is the migraine never hit thank goodness. I will need to get a big batch to have on stand-by.

Desert Sage Natural Tea Sample Tier 1

I always love Echinacea tea but have never tried it with anything else the Lemon Balm and Holy Basil gave it a wonderful flavor. I have a compromised immune system and keeping myself as healthy as I can is important.

Desert Sage Natural Tea Sample Tier 2

Igot this on Friday I just haven’t had a chance to try it. Today was the day. I was having a stressful day at work, I brewed a cup and drank half a cup and was feeling calmer. Could have been the tea making process got me away from the stresses but whatever the reason it made me a happy camper.

Reviewed by S***** (Etsy)

Custom Tea for J&S

I’m so thankful for everything they did to make the perfect gift for my friend. Tea tastes great too! Thanks again!!

Reviewed by M********* (Etsy)

Return to Dexterity (in a Bag) (Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, etc… Tea)

These arrived a day early, it’s always a pleasant surprise to get a package before you expect it. I love Return to Dexterity it really helps me with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I bought one for me and another for a friend who I had shared my sample with and is as hooked as I am.

Container Upgrade (Jar)

Delivery was a day early, always a nice surprise! The jars made it in one piece. I can’t wait to get more.

Reviewed by M********* (Etsy)

Getting Past the Joneses (Nicotine) (in a Bag) (Organic tea to assist with withdrawal symptoms and cravings post-smoking)

Shipping was fast. I bought this for my sister and brother-in-law who are have just quit smoking. I’m sure it will help them.

Cough, Cold, Flu Sampler Set (Organic Teas for the Winter Season)

As always shipping was fast, I received it today. I’ve already tried the Expecto Coughonum and love love LOVE the flavor. I will be buying more.

December 2013

Reviewed by D****** (Zibbet) (Custom Listing)

Thank you for everything, it was perfect.

Reviewed by R****** M***** (Etsy)

Tummy Tea (in a bag) (Organic Turmeric Lemon Ginger Tea for Nausea, Indigestion, Gas, Stomach Upset and More)

VERY good for nausea. I was having some issues over the holiday and this really nipped it in the bud. It also tastes good, which is a plus.

SereniTea: Mellow Breeze (in a Bag) (Organic Mint Destress Anti-Anxiety Tea) 

Most definately an excellent tea. I love the mint and it really does help de-stress me quickly.

Bad Wolf (Loose in a Bag) (Organic Vanilla Rosehip Cinnamon Black Tea) 

This may be my new favorite tea. It’s absolutely delicious, and has a kick.

Reviewed by R****** M*****

Richard’s Relief (in a Bag) (For GERD) 

Not only is this delicious, but it’s very soothing. I have bad GERD and if I drink this before a meal or after I don’t have the same amount of pain and discomfort.

Healing Potion (in a Bag) (Lemon Basil Green Recuperation Tea) 

Very, VERY good tea. I have been drinking it almost non stop after having a nasty upper respiratory infection and it’s helped me get some of my stamina back.

AnTeaInfection (in a Bag) (Organic Anti-Infection, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal Tea) 

This is great stuff – not only does it smell and taste wonderful, it really helps nip infections and viruses in the bud.

Joyous Joints (in a Bag) (Organic tea for Sprains, Pulls, Dislocations, and other Soft Tissue Damage) 

What a great product. It really helps people like me who tend to have major joint pain and it tastes pretty good.

Reviewed by L******* (Etsy)

SereniTea: Linda’s “Don’t Panic” (in a Bag) (Organic Rose Pregnancy and Nursing Safe tea for Stress, Anxiety, and Panic)

After discussing my options for an anxiety tea according to my health concerns, the seller recommended this tea and I absolutely love it. The smell and taste of it alone are both soothing and calming. This is a great tea coming from a great seller!

Reviewed by M********* (Etsy)

Desert Sage Natural Tea Sample Tier 1 (Karen’s Comfort)

This came one day earlier than expected, that’s always a nice surprise. I haven’t tried this one yet but I’m sure it will be just as great as the others I’ve tried. I will update once I try (probably this weekend). I have already bought more teas and will be putting in another order soon.

Desert Sage Natural Tea Sample Tier 2 (Return to Dexterity)

This arrived one day early! I tried some today, at first didn’t like the taste much but once I added some honey I was good to go. I have rheumatoid arthritis and wanted to see if this tea would help with it as well. Some of the swelling in the joints in my fingers seem to have calmed down and didn’t hurt as much after drinking. -Updated 1/4/14 I used the dexterity again this morning. My shoulder had been bothering me and heat, cold, biofreeze and a muscle relaxer yesterday hadn’t helped. One cup of dexterity this morning and 20 minutes later it had stopped hurting! So for sure this one goes on the “need to buy a ton” of list. 🙂 –

Desert Sage Natural Tea Sample Tier 1 (Something for the Pain)

I received this one day quicker than expected! I tried it the day I got it and it helped take the edge of the pain.

November 2013

Reviewed by r********** (Zibbet)

Desert Sage Natural is pure tea genius.  These hand blended teas are wonderful and tasty.

Reviewed by J**************** (Zibbet)

Great seller – quick delivery!

Reviewed by R********** (Zibbet) (Stone Cold Cold Killer and AnTeaInfection)

Great communication, arrived quickly, and nicely packaged.  The tea is good enough to drink by itself or I mix it with iced tea.

Reviewed by f********* (Zibbet) (Mellow Rose, Maggie’s Fogcutter, SereniTea:  Logan’s Elixir)

Wonderful!  They really care about their customers and strive to make the best tasting tea available.

Reviewed by N****** (Etsy) Container Upgrade (Tin) 

Super fast delivery, as always stellar customer service with equally stellar tea products! I am never disappointed in my orders with Kei-Hawk and highly recommend Kei-Hawk’s Tea Specialist skills.

NighTea Night (in a Bag) (Organic Tea for Insomnia) 

My mother and I love this night time tea! NighTea Night helps in decreasing lingering daytime anxious feelings and increasing relaxation! Another benefit is a general calmness that the tea gives you.

Richard’s Relief (in a Bag) (For GERD) 

Kei-Hawk went above and beyond in helping my father (Richard) find the perfect blend for his acid reflux. Having his entire esophagus removed due to GERD, his digestive system is a bit sensitive. But he has experienced no negative side effects from “Richard’s Relief”. Only positive ones! There has been a significant decrease in nausea, stomach pain, burping and general stomach discomfort.

Reviewed by w****** (Etsy)

SereniTea: Logan’s Elixir (in a Bag) (Organic Kid-Safe tea for ADHD) 

Now if ADHD kid and adult could just remember to use this. 😉 Hopefully, it will be a great as the other healing teas I’m using.

Meditation Mint (in a Bag) (Organic Green Tea with Lemongrass and Mint) 

This tastes so lovely, it’s relaxing and soothing and settles me down to meditate. I’m enjoying it.

AnTeaInfection (in a Bag) (Organic Anti-Infection, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal Tea) 

I’m counting on this to solve an on-going problem. It tastes good and seems to have solved another infection I had, in a hurry.

SereniTea: River to Book (in a Bag) (Organic Cinnamon Orange Tea for mood balancing, focus issues, depression, and mental clarity) 

This helps with all the listed problems but it also tastes delicious.

Migraine Mitigator (in a Bag) (Organic Migraine and Headache Tea) 

This is my favorite healing tea. It not only stops migraines while they are still just occipital pain, or when they are full blown pounding, blinding migraines but it also is good for Fibromyalgia muscle tension and pain. I drink a cup every night on the way to bed and sleep well. Thanks, Kei-hawk for this and other great products. Shipping is always prompt and well-packaged.

SereniTea: Linda’s “Don’t Panic” (in a Bag) (Organic Rose Pregnancy and Nursing Safe tea for Stress, Anxiety, and Panic) 

Shipping is always prompt. I find that Desert Sage Natural Teas do what they are advertised for and they taste delicious.

Reviewed by R****** M***** (Etsy) Container Upgrade (Jar) 

I love to upgrade – I am now collecting these little jars of joy. I have only bought Desert Sage Natural tea since I’ve found them.

Elderberry Elixir (in a Bag) (Elderberry tea for coughs and cold and flu) 

This is my go to tea when I don’t feel well. It’s delicious, it is comforting, it’s perfect. It really helps reduce the length of my cold as well.

Cinnamon Throat Soother (In a bag) (Organic Cinnamon Tea for Sore Throats) 

I have been fighting a cold and this was a treat for me. Cinnamon is one of my favorite flavors and this gets the taste just right. It’s not overwhelming, but extremely soothing. I drank this almost all day and by the end of the day my throat no longer feels raw.

Sage Soother (in a Bag) (Organic tea for Inflammation) 

Soothing and light – this is an excellent tea. The sage is not overpowering, but the tea is flavorful enough that it is very enjoyable. It is excellent when muscles are feeling hot and inflamed.

S.H.I.E.L.D. (in a Bag) (Strengthening and Healing Immunity Everyday for Life Defense)  Excellent tea. Definately medicinal, with an aquired taste. However it REALLY helps when you’re not feeling well.

Reviewed by V******* R***** (Etsy)

Bone Binder (in a Bag) (Organic Bone Strengthening and Healing Tea) 

Now if I can just get my husband to drink it!!

Reviewed by i************** (Etsy)

MIgraine Mitigator (CinnaGin) (Organic Tea for Migraines and Headaches) 

Thank you SO MUCH for working around my migraine triggers, and custom-mixing me a brew. I’m mid-migraine right now – this provided enough relief last night I was able to get some rest. I’m hoping my glass this evening will help me get some SLEEP!

Reviewed by T******* B****** (Etsy)

Something for the Pain (in a Bag) (Organic Rose Green Tea for Pain) 

This is a staple in my house. I keep it as a last resort and it never fails me. I work with my hands and when I can’t work anymore from the pain, I make this tea. I have pain that doctors can’t diagnose and THIS TEA WORKS! THANK YOU!!

Return to Dexterity (in a Bag) (Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, etc… Tea) 

Fantastic tea. Once again, you’ve exceeded my expectations with your teas. As always, you’re a pleasure to work with, the tea tastes amazing and IT WORKS for my pain. I’m a loyal customer for as long as you’re selling. Thanks for everything. Sending blessings your way.

October 2013

Reviewed By F******** (Zibbet)

(Thyroid Stabilizer and Jenny’s Jasmine Green)

Wonderful, as always!

Reviewed By P******** (Etsy)

(Whoa-Oh Blackberry, Chai Sampler, and Hello Sweetie)

I really loved all of these.

Reviewed By S***** (Etsy)


Very much appreciated.  Wonderful work you do.

Reviewed By S***** (Etsy) (Chapel’s Chai)

I am having some right now.  Fabulous!  Thank you.  Really good.

Reviewed By L***** (Etsy)

(Minsc Chocolate)

My first chocolate/cocnut tea inspired by an epic character (^_’)b I love it!

Reviewed By L***** (Etsy)

(Cinnamon Throat Soother)

Delicious, efficient and helpful ~

Reviewed By L***** (Etsy)

(Stone Cold Cold Killer)

I’m not afraid anymore to catch a cold now ~ Thank you Kei-Hawk!

Reviewed By L***** (Etsy)

(AnTeaInfection and Back to Breathing)

Very effective when combined with “AnTeaInfection”!  When I received my order, I was with a bad cold which treatments weren’t very good and which effects couldn’t last more than an hour (and thus, were troublesome if I was taking more of what was prescribed to get some appeasement…)  When I tried the two remedies for a whole day, my body felt better gradually as I was able to breathe normally and get some sleep without waking up coughing or in need to blow my nose loudly and waking up my family along the way…  In three days, I was completely in a good health again by just drinking these medicinal teas and couldn’t believe to get better results where my other treatments failed me miserably (=_=)…

Reviewed By b****** (Etsy)

(Hershel’s Gift)

Good stuff – I have been fighting off a cold for about a week and as soon as I got this began drinking a few cups a day – it’s not only delicious and comforting, but I feel much better.

Reviewed By b****** (Etsy)

(speaking of our Black Lemon Frost)

Absolutely delicious tea – I actually think it will be wonderful iced.  Refreshing, and oh so good.

Reviewed By b****** (Etsy)

(Dark City Mint)

This is the most delicious tea – ever.  It tastes like a York Peppermint Patty in tea form.  SO GOOD.

Reviewed By B******* (Etsy)

(Licorice Throat tea, and a couple of samples she chose.)

Sorry for the late feedback!  I’m in love with all of my teas.  Seller was friendly and helpful.  The medicinal teas were very effective.  I’ll definitely be shopping with you in the future.  Thanks so much! (:

Reviewed By P******** (Etsy)

(Maggie’s Fogcutter)

Soooooo fantastic!  Thanks for helping me personalize my order!

Reviewed By S***** (Etsy)

(Jayne’s Cocoa Kickback)

Excellent product shipped right on time.

Reviewed By S***** (Etsy)

(Jenny’s Jasmine Green)

The family loves the tea.

Reviewed By a***** (Etsy)

(SereniTea:  Clear Skies)

Very tasty, either as is or sweetened up.  Shipped fast, packaged with care.  Thanks!

(Hello Sweetie)

Love.  Lovelovelove.  Will be getting more.  Very friendly seller.  Shipped quickly, packaged with care.  Thanks!

Reviewed By S***** (Etsy)

(Melody Grey)

Thank you so much for a beautiful product and a lovely transaction.

Reviewed By J****(Etsy)

(Hello Sweetie)

This tea is superior to anything I’ve bought in a grocery store.

Reviewed By *** (Etsy)

(Getting Past the Joneses (Alcohol)

I had asked Kei Hawk for advice with these specific issues and she was able to blend this tea.  Many thanks for your wonderful service and assistance.

(De-Toxic Avenger) Lovely tea, very flavorful!  Thank you so much for all your help with finding what’s right for me, I truly appreciate it.

Reviewed By ****** (Etsy)

(Questa’s Tranquility)

This was a wonderful transaction.  The shop owner’s communication skills are excellent – courteous and thorough.  No details were overlooked, and I received a great product very quickly.  The tea is very good and is indeed supportive of a more tranquil mood.  Thanks so much for being so good at what you do!

September 2013

Reviewed By S******** (Etsy)

(a selection of samples)

I will not buy tea anywhere else ever again.  The package arrived super fast and the quality is outstanding.  The taste is out of this world!  Thank you for existing!

Reviewed By N****** (Etsy)

(Heart’s Ease – Blood Thinner Safe)

Super holistic tool to add to my mom’s heart health regime.  🙂  She really finds the drinking of her cup of Heart’s Ease an excellent relaxation step.

Reviewed By N****** (Etsy)

(Something for the Pain)

Excellent customer service, delivery, and products!  The only problem is my mom is dipping into my “Something for the Pain” tea for herself.  I will have to order a bag for her own next time. 🙂

Reviewed By N****** (Etsy)

(Something for the Pain)

Excellent products, customer service, and delivery!  I have actually already ordered my second set of tea products from Kei-Hawk!  My order consist of “Something for the Pain” and from my experience with using the tea it does reduce pain considerably.

Reviewed By R. M***** (Etsy)

(custom listing)

There is nothing that isn’t wonderful about Desert Sage Natural tea.  I bought a canister of the “Something for the Pain” as I can’t seem to live without it.  It works.  I also bought a jar of “River to Book” in the SereniTea series. – delicious and it really helps me keep my focus while helping me calm down.  I also bought a bag of “Dark City Mint” which is now my favorite tea of all time.  It tastes like a York Peppermint Patty in tea form – SO DELICIOUS.  I also got a bag of the Migraine Mitigator which really helps if I drink it as I feel the headache starting.  I adore the owner, I adore the tea – this is the only place I get my tea now.  You can’t go wrong with any of it.

By w******* (Etsy)

(Migraine Mitigator)

It shipped timely.  I haven’t tried it yet because it’s for migraine and thankfully I don’t have one yet.  I’ll come back and edit my review when I use it.  I do know it smells yummy.  Isn’t it nice when the cure is easy to take? Ok, so one evening later, my neck is getting stiff and the back of my head is sore and I know that I’m getting an occipital migraine during the night or the morning.  So I make a 16 oz cup of Migraine Mitigator tea, it smells the best of the 4 I have, so I drink it hot.  The peppermint is delicious, the other flavors mingle beautifully and it’s immediately emotionally satisfying.  But the best part is that within 20 minutes the tension and pain in the back of my head and neck are GONE.  One more beautiful, delicious, successfully healing tea.  Thanks, Kei-Hawk.

Reviewed By w******* (Etsy)

(Questa’s Tranquility)

Timely shipping is only the beginning of my experiences with this relaxing tea.  Did too much today and hurt all over.  I could feel every muscle tensed and complaining.  I thought I’d try this new tea for the first time.  It’s a chilly day in Idaho, so I made it hot (I drink others hot or cold).  First I practice deep breathing over the cup.  Gentle and soothing, I smelt Lavender first and then the lemon fragrance chimed in, along with other essences I can’t readily name but certainly enjoyed experiencing.  Waiting for the first sip was hard, 10 minutes is a long time when you just need to taste.  😉  Ahhhh.  The taste is mild, gentle, comforting, but by no means weak.  It’s …  pleasant, calming, emotionally satisfying, and, yes, definitely relaxing.  I’m going to lie down and finish this tea.  Cheers.

By w******* (Etsy)

(sample of Something for the Pain)

Wow!  This sampler contained Something for the Pain tea.  I have Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  It arrived on laundry day and I had pain at the sides of my chest/ribs, as well as back pain just below my waist from sorting and packing up my laundry.  I made a cup of Something for the Pain and drank half of it right down, sat for 10 minutes and realized, the pain has gone from a seven to a one just in these 10 minutes.  I love the clever and descriptive names they have given to these teas.  I’m so happy to have pain relief without side effects.  My stomach hates NSAID pain relievers.  Thank you, Desert Sage Natural.

Reviewed By w******* (Etsy)

(Maggie’s Fogcutter)

Shipping was great.  I love this product.  Not only does it relieve my fibro fog, and give me noticeable clarity and better focus; it also has a wonderful side effect of giving me slender ankles as my fibro often makes my feet and ankles swell for no reason.  I have one cup of Fogcutter, hot or col every day, I can miss one day but the second day the swelling is back.  Easy fix, just keep enjoying this wonderful, flavorful tea every day.  I agree about this seller being the most caring person I’ve ever purchased from.  She goes the extra mile to be sure the tea you buy from her does the job you need it to do.  I’m a new customer, but I plan on becoming an old faithful customer.

Reviewed By R****** M***** (Etsy)

(Questa’s Tranquility)

Holy cow is this amazing tea.  It’s delicious, and light and TRULY helps with relaxation.  My mother is dying of cancer and this really helps in the evening when I want to wind down.  I am a big lover of lavender and lemon so this tea is perfect for me.  I have never had a tea from Desert Sage Natural that I didn’t like.

Reviewed By R****** M***** (Etsy)

(Hello Sweetie)

Okay – this stuff is amazing and delicious.  You get that Chai flavor, with the chocolate right off the bat, then the chili hits and it’s LOVE!!!  So delicious, and delightful.  Don’t overgrew this one – I would stick to the 5-6 minute range – if you overgrew (or happen to forget you made the tea as I did one afternoon) you will get the chili predominately and all the beautiful complexity of the tea will be overpowered.  This one is truly a winner. 🙂

Reviewed By R****** M***** (Etsy)

(Believe Impossible Things)

This may be my new favorite tea of all time.  It’s DELICIOUS.  Seriously delicious.  As soon as you open the bag you can smell the cinnamon and nutmeg and when it brews it’s heaven.  It’s delicious and between this and “Hello Sweetie” I’m set with delicious tea during the day.  SO GOOD!

Reviewed By R****** M***** (Etsy)

(Something for the Pain)

I don’t know what I would do without this tea at the moment.  I have been having severe pain in my joints and in my back and I drink this throughout the day to help really relax my muscles and it SERIOUSLY works on my join pain.  I don’t completely understand how it works as well as it does, but it DOES.  If you have joint pain, back pain, headaches, etc this will help you.  I am amazed at how effective it is.  It’s just incredible.  

Reviewed By T*** (Etsy)

(custom set of teas)

Thank you so much for the wonderful teas!  The Nightea Night tea is amazing for restless nights and the Tummy tea is so unique with the actual dried pieces of turmeric.  Great quality, communication, and very fast shipping!  One of the best experiences I have had on Etsy to date…  I will definitely be back for more. 🙂

July 2013

Reviewed By K* *** (Etsy)

(selection of 3 teas)

They were all yummy!  Thanks.

Reviewed By B******** T******** (Etsy)

(Migraine Mitigator)

This stuff did the trick. The first day it helped ease the pain. Second day by afternoon it was gone. Woke up on day 4 with a slight headache drank my tea and an hour later I realize my headache was gone. So happy I found this tea. Will keep it in stock always. Thanks! Great customer service too.

By A****** R****** (Etsy)

(Slim & Slender Chai)

Great communication! I ordered the slim and slender chai sample. I love the flavor! It is definitely something I could drink often. Thanks!

By B***** H***** (Etsy)

(Heart’s Ease, Original)

Probably one of the nicest and understanding sellers that I’ve ever talked to on Etsy! We talked for several days and the seller was VERY informative. Everything about the pre-sale was great. Then I get the product a day earlier than I had anticipated and it was packages perfectly! And I got a natural tea bag as a bonus! And a lovely note 🙂 Seriously I would HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. LIKE SO HIGHLY! The tea is amazing and if you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to ask the seller. SERIOUSLY A++++++++++++++++++++++++

By L**** D***** (Etsy)

(custom sampler of chais)

Best chai ever, hello sweetie…. chocolate chilli chai. I’m in love. Will be ordering a big batch soon.

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