Achievement Unlocked: Still Standing (Organic Non-Drowsy Pain Tea)

Achievement Unlocked Tea

Over the course of the past few years I have interacted with a lot of people who suffer from chronic pain.  For some it is because of fibromyalgia, for some it is because of spinal trauma, for some it is…  any of a number of other conditions.  Sometimes the reason is visible, sometimes it isn’t.  Sometimes it is one of the primary symptoms of your disease, sometimes it is only a side-effect.  (Although, in this case, I agree with Carlin.  “That’s not a side-effect, that’s an Effect!”)

Dealing with pain is often a catch-22.  You can find things to mitigate the pain, but sometimes those leave you in a condition where you are not capable of doing the things that made you want to manage the pain to begin with.  Narcotics have a laundry list of side-effects, and you can never be entirely sure, when trying a new one, which parts of it you will experience.

Something for the Pain,’ was our first pain tea.  After some time of using it, I realized that sometimes it caused a bit of the drowsiness I had hated so much from the narcotics I had used.  It wasn’t as much, or as often, and it doesn’t happen for everyone who uses the tea –  but I decided there needed to be an additional alternative.

We started with my favorite black tea, which has the additional benefit of being the strongest one we work with.  We added in the herbs for pain relief and relaxation that we’d used for ‘Something for the Pain,’ and then a bit of Hawthorn to ease the stress of combining stimulants and relaxants.

The hope was this would create a tea that would give a solution to one of the basic problems of chronic pain.

A lot of the people who suffer from it, whatever the cause, are people driven to push themselves.  This makes it pretty easy to have days where you are exhausted because of what you ask of yourself, additionally drained because good sleep is hard to find, and then just to make it more interesting, you are dealing with the pain throughout everything else you are doing.  Even when you are feeling it less, your body is still dealing with the stress of the pain, as well as the root cause.  It doesn’t always take that much relaxation to create a sudden body desire to sleep.

Achievement Unlocked:  Still Standing gives that little extra bit, both in energy, and in pain relief, to work through it and keep moving.  It has greatly improved my life.

There are no direct warnings for this tea, however, I do suggest using caution.  As chronic pain patients, we can develop a disturbing skill with ignoring basic body messages.  Whether self-trained to continue functioning, or the messages getting lost in the overall clamour, this can be dangerous.  I would not suggest more than three cups of this tea a day, and I also do not suggest daily use.  Make sure to give your body some downtime.

Achievement Unlocked:  Still Standing contains Smokey Russian Caravan Tea to help you stay awake, California Poppy and Passionflower for muscle relaxation and pain relief, and Rosehips and Hawthorn Berries for general systemic support.

Achievement Unlocked Array

And now for the basics:

Organic Ingredients:  Hawthorn Berries, Rose Petals, Oatstraw, Fair Trade Russian Caravan Tea

Batch Size: 2.4 ounces (approximately 25-30 cups of tea)

Options:  Loose Tea (Sample, Bag, Tin, *Latch-Tin), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag, *Latch-Tin)

Purchasing:  Etsy

*For Achievement Unlocked:  Still Standing, our Latch-Top Tin holds 3 batches.  (7.2 ounces, 75-90 cups of tea.)

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6 Replies to “Achievement Unlocked: Still Standing (Organic Non-Drowsy Pain Tea)”

  1. Reviewed by R****** M***** (Etsy) (5 Star)

    I use Something for the Pain on a regular basis, but it makes me tired. I am SO happy to have this that will help with my chronic pain, but keep me awake. Amazing stuff.

  2. Reviewed by M*** B****** (Zibbet)

    Repeat order for both Achievement Unlocked and Return to Dexterity.  They work so well that I keep using them or letting family use them that I have to replace.  Seller is a Blessing.

  3. Reviewed by M*** B****** (Etsy) (5 star)
    This was a mothers day present and my mother was extra surprised. She loves what this tea does for her.

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  5. I have fibromyalgia and this looks like a god-send. I’m going to definitely check out the ‘Something for the pain’ because of sleeping issues that I have.

    Thank you so much for making teas that help with chronic pain – when the doctors don’t help, return to nature. 🙂
    Celeste Loftus recently posted…Book Review: Handmade WeddingsMy Profile

    • I love the fact that these teas have been able to help other people. I know how thin the line between “I can manage this” pain levels and “I can’t see or breathe” pain levels can be.
      And you are quite welcome. It is amazing the kind of medicine one can find in plants, and the “whole medicine” aspect is helpful as well. (But I won’t go into that rant right now.) *smiles wryly*

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