New Hope (Organic Fertility Tea)

New Hope Array

‘New Hope’ was originally formulated for a friend.  I hadn’t given the issue of fertility a lot of thought prior, but when I am confronted with a problem, I generally try to find a solution.

When we are speaking of things that can be addressed with herbs, this means diving into my books and other research material, and seeing what I can come up with.

The woman the tea was blended for wanted to give having a little girl one final shot.  However, given her age and some physical concerns, she was worried about her chances to conceive a healthy child.  Having had prior experience with our teas and their efficacy, she asked if there was anything that I could blend to help.

I did some research, and chose to blend a tea that would approach the potential issues from a couple of different directions.  ‘New Hope’ has a number of herbs chosen to make your entire body healthier, to both make it more receptive to a pregnancy, as well as make the pregnancy itself to be a better experience.  Additionally, we chose herbs that would help with the hormonal side of things.

We have received a lot of wonderful feedback on this tea, both directly through Etsy’s feedback function, and in personal messages.  It competes with ‘Migraine Mitigator‘ and ‘Something for the Pain‘ for the title of ‘most popular Desert Sage Natural medicinal.’

New Hope Tea

Now for the basics:

Organic Ingredients:  Chaste Tree Berries, Oatstraw, Dandelion Root, Rose Petals, Hawthorn Berries

Batch Size:  1.5 ounces (approximately 25-30 cups of tea)

Options:  Loose Tea (Sample, Bag, Tin, Latch-Tin), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag)

Purchasing:  Etsy

**  I am not a doctor.  The FDA (along with other governmental agencies) has not recognized any of this as fact.  We do draw on science as well as tradition, but the path from research proving efficacy to formalized treatment is a long and complicated one.  (Especially since plants can’t really be patented.)  None of the information contained in these pages is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease from a medical standpoint.

7 Replies to “New Hope (Organic Fertility Tea)”

  1. Reviewed by J****** S (Etsy)

    Good communication, great smelling tea. I hope it works 😉 eta: It did the trick 🙂

  2. Reviewed by m************* (Etsy)

    It’s very delicious and I also received it quickly! Wonderful and will totally be coming back again in the future!

  3. Reviewed by A***** P******* (Etsy)
    I can not say enough good things about this tea or this shop! Not only was the tea yummy it worked! I got pregnant the month I started drinking it! And the costumer service was above and beyond! Some kind and helpful. I have already ordered some teas for during my pregnancy and gifted some to my mom. I am going to be a long term costumer for sure!

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