Big Easy Mocha (Chocolate Chicory Coffee) (Fair Trade and Organic)

Big Easy Mocha Dairy Incoming

Starting to make coffees was an accident.

As with the cocoas, coffee had not been a part of “The Plan.”  Admittedly, neither had tasty teas, and those have been a spectacularly good idea.

We’d been given a gift for Christmas.  It was a small tin of a chocolate mint coffee.  It was the first time I had ever seen a flavoured coffee that actually involved bits of the stuff that made the flavour.  It was pretty tasty, and snuck the realization that yes, we could make coffees, into our minds.

We were working in the kitchen a few days after testing that gift, and Mister Tea made some jesting commentary about us making coffees, and we had a couple of ideas happen almost immediately.  The next half an hour or so involved trying to talk ourselves out of what it looked like we might be deciding to do, while actually talking ourselves into it…  along with coming up with quite a few ideas for coffees we could make.

We finally gave in, and Mister Tea went to pick up the right coffee for our first two ideas, one of which was the gloriousness that became ‘Big Easy Mocha.’

Rich cocoa, dark coffee, and chicory threading the two together – it seemed the right place to start.  The name was born out of the long history of chicory and coffee in New Orleans, and we added the chocolate because Mochas, like bowties, are cool.

Big Easy Mocha Array

Organic Ingredients:  Fair Trade French Roast coffee, Fair Trade Cocoa Powder, Roasted Chicory

Batch Size:  8 ounces

Purchasing:  Etsy

*  This has been tested in a percolator, in a drip coffee machine, and in a Keurig.  It worked in all of them.  We do recommend a bit of care and caution for Keurig users, it is best to start with a dry pod filter, and to use a bit less than you generally would.


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    • Writing the listings and post this morning I was saddened, because I was drinking normal coffee. I actually need to make some more of this for us, because we have already run out.

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