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Firefly was an amazing series, and I am not alone in wishing we could have seen the story continue as a series.  I enjoyed the movie, but it wasn’t enough.


The crew settled into our hearts, each in their own way – and years and years later they and their tales are still remembered and loved by Browncoats everywhere.

One of our earliest tasty teas,  ‘Browncoat’s Desperation’ also cemented our decision to geek with our teas.  We are still hoping to eventually have a tea or cocoa or coffee for each member of the crew.

For now we have 5 teas and 1 cocoa that salute Firefly/Serenity.

Firefly Teas on Wood with Cocoa

Browncoat Gift Set (No Extras)

This set contains one batch each of our:  ‘Browncoat’s Desperation‘ (Organic Chocolate Chicory Tea), ‘Inara’s Evening Blend‘ (Pomegranate Chai Tea), ‘Jayne’s Cocoa Kickback‘ (Organic Chocolate Hops Tea), SereniTea:  River to Book (Rosemary Orange Sage Tea), Leaf on the Wind (Organic Jasmine White Tea).  Our Kaylee’s Strawberry Shiny (Organic Strawberry Cocoa) can be added as an optional addition.

Organic Ingredients:  Fair Trade Roasted Cacao Nibs, Chicory Root, Dried Pomegranate, Fair Trade Black Tea, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger Root, Hops, Marshmallow Root, Motherwort, Rosemary, Sage, Orange Peel, Jasmine Flowers, White Tea, Fair Trade Cacao Powder, Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder

Natural (No Additives) Ingredients:  Freeze Dried Pomegranate

For more detailed information on each tea/cocoa, please visit the links above or visit one of our shops.

This set can be found in our Etsy shop, here.

Browncoat Tea and Cocoa Gift Set (with extras)

We also have a version of this set that adds just about everything you would need to make tea.  It gives you a choice of a mug or a cup and saucer, a choice of a box of Rishi teabags or a strainer, and a tea-scoop.

It can be found in our Etsy shop, here.  If you want the cocoa as well, that set can be found here.

Browncoat Sampler Set

The last option is a good way to try, or gift the chance to try, the teas in this particular set.  It includes a sample of each of the teas, choice of tea making assistance (box of teabags or strainer) and a tea-scoop.  Unfortunately, we do not offer samples of our cocoas as yet, but I’d be open to discussion.

The sampler set can be found here.

I hope you take the opportunity to try these, and enjoy drinking them as much as we do.FirF

Firefly - When you can't run

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