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One of the many fun discoveries our creation of Desert Sage Natural led me to is that I truly love creating blends of tea.

Each idea brings a new challenge, and there is a wonderfully deep level of satisfaction upon getting one right.

Combine this love with a steady flow of ideas – and Mister Tea and I are both certain we will never run out of new drinks to make.

There is a downside to this.

Chocolate Loose Tea Array Desert Sage Natural

This is just the chocolate teas. We have another 160ish coffees, cocoas, and teas.

I know that our array of beverage choices can be a bit dizzying.  This is exacerbated by the fact that we just keep adding more.

We are trying to help out with this in a couple of ways.  We are slowly putting posts up and categorizing things here on the site so finding a particular type of tea will be easier.  Additionally we are working on a full catalog.  It won’t always be fully up-to-date, but it will give an easier reference to All The Desert Sage Things.  We are also always open to conversation to help you find what you want or need.  If we don’t have it, we can probably make it.

This last idea will not necessarily help with the dizzying array.  However, it will make it easier to discover the new things we are doing, or perhaps stumble over one of our older offerings that you hadn’t found as yet.

So, we’ve created the option of a “Tea of the Month” club.  For six months, we will send a you (or the person you gift it to) one of our teas.

We have a questionnaire for you, so that we can focus the collection on your specific tastes.

You can find the sampler version here, and the full batches of tea version here.

By request, we have also created a subscription option. You can sign up through paypal to receive either a sample of tea each month or a full batch, and allow it to continue for as long as you like.  Unfortunately, this option is presently only available for our customers in the US.  If you would like to set up a recurring subscription as an international customer, please contact me directly.  Shipping is more complicated.

Sample or Full Batch

I know that I find a special joy in receiving ‘real mail.’  It seems the mailbox has become a repository for bills, credit card offers, competing cable companies, and a variety of other snail-mail-spam.  Part of the reason for this idea was to give you a monthly piece of happy mail.

"You will never find a book long enough or a cup of tea large enough to suit me." -CS Lewis

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8 Replies to “Tea of the Month Club”

    • I know it is something I would sign up for.
      We’re also looking into a straight subscription option. That is actually almost more interesting to me.

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