Obsessed with (Chai) Tea

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Chai tea blends are something I have loved for a very long time.  There is something about the particular spice set involved in creating the flavour that makes my taste-buds quite happy, and some of the health benefits are right in line with things I need.  Always nice to have a health excuse to have a cup of tasty tea.

However, for a large part of our relationship, Mister Tea thought I was crazy for enjoying them.

He began to mellow a bit after we discovered a lovely local Indian restaurant.  They simmered the spices and tea in milk, and then served the resultant loveliness hot or cold, by your preference.  It was a bit light on the spices, by my tastes, but he loved it.

Once we started blending teas for taste, chai blends were a natural direction to head in, given my long-standing enjoyment.  (Or, as some have termed it, obsession.)

He helps me with the taste testing, and is every-so-patient with our widening array of options for what you would like to have with your chai spices.

Chai Tea Samples on Stone

As it stands, we have 10 different chai variants, taking that lovely set of spices, and combining them with different extra flavours.  When we realized the number had become so sizable, we decided to offer gift and sample sets for other chai lovers.

Our list of chai tea blends:

Orange Chaibiscus (Orange Hibiscus Chai)

Straight Up Chai (Basic Chai)

Orange You Glad It’s Chai (Orange Chai)

Uhura’s Frequency (Chocolate Chai)

Hello Sweetie (Chocolate Chili Chai)

Smoke in the Water (Elderberry Caravan Chai)

Chapel’s Chai (Vanilla Chai)

Inara’s Evening Blend (Pomegranate Chai)

Ravendane Chai (Cardamom Chai)

Chaimonade (Lemon Chai)

Full descriptions and ingredients lists are in the posts for each tea.  Almost all of our chais are entirely organic, with the exception of ‘Inara’s Evening Blend,’ as I have not yet found organic freeze-dried pomegranate.

We decided to give an array of options with our gift and sampler sets, so you could pick and choose whether to sample or to make sure you were well-supplied, as well as what extras you might want for yourself or a lucky giftee.

Pick Five Sample Set – a place to start, picking five of our chais to try.  It also includes a tea scoop, and either a tea strainer or a box of 100 teabags.

Pick 5 just the teas.  Pick five full batches of chai.

Pick 5 with extras.  Pick five full batches of chai, and also receive a tea scoop, and either a strainer or the box of 100 teabags.

Gift set of Just the Teas.  Full batches of all ten of our chais.

Complete Chai Sample Set.  A sample of each of the chai teas, as well as a tea scoop, and the choice of strainer or box of teabags.

Complete Chai Gift Set.  Full batches of all of the teas, along with the tea scoop and strainer or teabags.

As a final note, we are always open to new ideas.  So if there is a chai we haven’t created yet that you would like to see, please let us know.

* We are not officially attached to or licensed by or otherwise involved with any of the official agencies of the fandoms we homage. If any of these agencies have an issue with our teas, please let us know, and we will work things out.

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