Gift Sets and Samples of Chocolate Teas

All Chocolate Teas from Above

Cacao Nibs.  We seized on them as an experimental ingredient because of our idea for ‘Browncoat’s Desperation,’ and because a chocolate mint tea seemed pretty necessary.

They are amazing to work with, and once we’d started, the number of ideas and options that came to mind were a bit staggering.  We’ve created a bare fraction of them, and still have 17 chocolate teas.  Sadly, due to timing, only 11 of them are included in these gift sets.  (The other six were created after we’d taken the photos.)  For the complete sets, you can substitute one of the new teas for one of the original list, if you like.

We came to the conclusion a bit back that we wanted to offer both “flavour sets” and “geekery sets” – so that it would be easier for people to gather all of a particular group.

The chocolate teas included are:

Chocolate Cauldron (Organic Chili Chocolate Black Tea)

Minty Frog (Organic Chocolate Mint Black Tea)

Boo’s Just Ducky (Organic Chocolate Coconut)

Minsc Chocolate (Organic Chocolate Coconut Almond)

Jerry Cordial (Organic Cherry Cordial Tea)

Type O (Organic Chocolate Hibiscus)

Uhura’s Frequency (Organic Chocolate Chai)

Dark City Mint (Organic Chocolate MInt)

Browncoat’s Desperation (Organic Chocolate Chicory)

Hello Sweetie (Organic Chocolate Chili Chai)

Jayne’s Cocoa Kickback (Organic Chocolate Hops with Ginger and Marshmallow Root)

These are the new teas, and any of these can be substituted for one of the original 11.

Darth Apricot  (Organic Chocolate Apricot Tea)

Dahvana’s Dream (Organic Chocolate Apricot Caravan Tea)

Din’s Vigor  (Organic Cinnamon Chocolate Rooibos)

Nayru’s Knowledge (Organic Coconut Blueberry Black)

Mom’s Mate (Organic Chocolate Almond Mate/Rooibos/Black Tea)

Ravensong  (Organic Chocolate Rosehip Elderberry Keemun Black Tea)

All Chocolate Tea Samples

The options, as far as our sets go, are:

All the Teas, Full batches, With Extras

All the Teas, Sample Tins

All the Teas, Full Batches, Just the Teas

Pick 5, Full Batches, With Extras

Pick 5, Sample Tins

Pick 5, Full batches, Just the Teas

The selection of chocolate teas is likely to expand.  Additionally, if you have a taste you would like to see combined with chocolate that we haven’t created yet, please let us know.

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