Taste of Tenochtitlan (Organic Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee)

Taste of Tenochtitlan CoffeeWhen we are making things, often a bunch of ideas in a similar theme, either taste or connection pile up.  Other times they just string together one after another, things we feel must be made.

‘Taste of Tenochtitlan’ was one of a series of coffees made on a madcap Blend All The New Things day.

I love the taste of cinnamon and chocolate, and the quest to make Mister Tea’s exile into the land of decaf more interesting and less woeful has made me more willing to continue to expand our line of coffees.  (All of our coffees available both caffeinated and decaffeinated.)

Taste of Tenochtitlan ArrayOrganic Ingredients:  Fair Trade Medium Roast Coffee, Cinnamon, Fair Trade Cocoa Powder

Batch Size:  8 ounces

Options:  Bag or Tin

Purchasing:  Personal Shop, Etsy

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