The Smoking Gun (Organic Russian Caravan/Gunpowder Green Tea)

The Smoking Gun TeaThere are a number of our teas that began as an idea that we initially thought might be a little crazy.  It has become our practice to try them anyway, just to see whether it is a good crazy or a bad crazy.  (Except for the weird idea I had when feverish once to make a blend involving tomatos.)

‘The Smoking Gun’ falls into that category.  We’d come to the realization that we didn’t use some of our foundational teas in enough different blends to truly warrant the space they took up in our ingredients storage.  Rather than downcheck the blends that did use them, we decided to start brainstorming about new teas.  ‘The Smoking Gun’ leapt to mind, full concept – “Well, this would be an awesomely amusing name, but not sure whether the blend would work.”

We blended a test, and both of us loved the smoke with the green.

The Smoking Gun Array

Organic Ingredients:  Gunpowder Green Tea, Russian Caravan Tea

Batch Size:  2.8 ounces, approximately 25-30 servings of tea

Options:  Loose Tea (Sample, Bag), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag)

PurchasingPersonal Shop, Etsy

4 Replies to “The Smoking Gun (Organic Russian Caravan/Gunpowder Green Tea)”

    • I haven’t actually created the tomato blend as yet. Mister Tea nixed it for being a bit too weird, even for us.
      It’s still on my list of possibilities, though. We are also considering putting together soup blends involving herbs.

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