Beauxbaton’s Blend (Organic Elderberry Vanilla Black Tea)

‘Beauxbaton’s Blend’ started because a client was mourning a favourite tea.

This was early on in our experimentation with tasty teas, so I wasn’t positive that I could do it, but I was more than willing to give it a shot.

She sent a sample of the original tea, and Mister Tea and I brewed a test cup.

At which point there was a complication.  A lot of tea companies use flavour oils.  A lot of these are artificial.  There’s a high chance I will be allergic to such things.  (This being one of the reasons we started blending tasty teas to begin with.)

On the first test sip, I did get a sense of the flavour of the tea, but I also got the warning signs that this cup was full of unpleasantness for me.

Mister Tea drank a bit more of it, and we discussed our impressions of the tea.

Our first realization was that we were going to have to create a blend of black teas to get the foundation right.  That step became our ‘Baker Street Blend.’

That was the complicated part, and the one that I found moderately intimidating.  However, we managed it handily, and the resultant blend became one of our personal favourites.

Once we’d accomplished that, finding the right ratios of elderberry and vanilla was relatively straight forward.

When it came to name it, we decided to salute the Potterverse and Beauxbaton’s – the tea seemed the right combination of complexity and flavours to suit.

Organic Ingredients:  Keemun Black Tea, Earl Grey, Dried Elderberries, Russian Caravan, Fair Trade Vanilla Powder

Batch Size:  3.3 ounces, approximately 30-35 servings of tea

Options:  Loose Tea (Sample, Bag, Tin, LatchTin), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag, LatchTin)

Purchasing:  Personal Shop, Etsy

* We are not officially attached to or licensed by or otherwise involved with any of the official agencies of the fandoms we homage. If any of these agencies have an issue with our teas, please let us know, and we will work things out.


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