Ingredients List

Approaching our FAQ page made me realize that we should have a complete list of everything we use.  I’ve split the ingredients list into categories, to hopefully make it a little easier to deal with the length of the list.

Teas and Other Foundational Ingredients

(Organic ingredients are standard text.  Ingredients that are not organic but are GMO free and have no added preservatives, colours, flavours are listed in italic.)

Barley, 120L, CaramelBarley, Chocolate MaltedBarley, Roasted
Barley, Cherrywood SmokedBlack Tea, Ceylon GreenfieldBlack Tea, Earl Grey (Caf and Decaf)
Black Tea, English Breakfast (Caf and Decaf)Black Tea, Irish BreakfastBlack Tea, Keemun
Black Tea, LapsangBlack Tea, Oolong (Wu-yi Rock)Black Tea (Russian Caravan)
Coffee, Dark Roast (Caf and Decaf)Coffee, Medium Roast (Caf and Decaf)Green Tea, Genmaicha
Green Tea, GunpowderGreen Tea, High MountainGreen Tea, Green Kukicha
Green Tea, Green Roasted KukichaMate, RoastedRooibos, Red
White Tea (Bai Mu Dan)

Fruits & Vegetables

(Organic ingredients are standard text.  Ingredients that are not organic but are GMO free and have no added preservatives, colours, flavours are listed in italic.)

Apricots, Freeze-DriedApples, Granny Smith, *DriedBlackberries, Freeze-Dried
Blueberries, Freeze-DriedCherries, Freeze-DriedCoconut, Dried
CranberriesCurrantsElderberries, Dried
Lime Peel, *DriedPeaches, Freeze-DriedPineapples, Dried
Pomegranates, DriedPomegranates, Freeze-DriedPumpkin Powder, Dried
Turmeric Root, *Dried

* These are the ingredients we dry ourselves.



Herbs & Spices

(Organic ingredients are in standard text.  Ethically Wild-Harvested ingredients are in italics.)

Blackberry LeafBladderwrackBlue Cohosh
Burdock RootButterfly PeaCacao Nibs, Roasted
Cacao Powder, RoastedCalendulaCalifornia Poppy
Chaste Tree BerriesChickweedChicory
Chile, SmokedChile, StandardCinnamon
DamianaDandelion LeafDandelion Root
Dong QuaiEchinaceaElderflower
GingkoGoldensealGotu Kola
Hawthorn BerriesHibiscusHoly Basil, Krishna
Jasmine FlowersLady’s Mantle
LavenderLemon BalmLemon Peel
Lemon VerbenaLemongrassLiquorice Root
LobeliaMarjoramMarshmallow Root
MeadowsweetMilk ThistleMotherwort
Mullein LeafNettleNutmeg
Oat TopsOatstrawOregon Grape Root
PassionflowerPau D’ArcoPennyroyal
Peppercorn, BlackPeppermintRaspberry Leaf
Red CloverRose PetalsRosehips
Sarsaparilla (Jamaican)Saw PalmettoShepherd’s Purse
SkullcapSt. John’s WortThyme
ValerianVanillaWild Yam
WillowbarkWood BetonyYarrow
Yellow DockYucca


(Organic ingredients are in standard text. GMO-free ingredients with no flavours, colours, or preservatives added are in italics.)

Butterscotch DropsPeppermint DropsPomegranate Drops
Cow Milk PowderGoat Milk PowderPowdered Sugar

As we have stated other places, if there is something you think we should be using that we are not – feel free to reach out and let us know.

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