Thai-Dyed Tea (Organic Rooibos Tea with Anise, Nutmeg, and Turmeric)

Mister Tea has always had a thing for Thai Tea.

Problem is, that iconic colour one expects from it is often created with artificial colours.  I’d seen a couple of more natural variants, usually with a hint of a couple of specific spices, and creating something along those lines has been on the list for quite some time.

However – the list of tea ideas is long, and there are constantly new ones jumping forward – and…  there are actually rules in place for how many new teas I am allowed to create within a given period of time.

A bit back, Teasla and PupofTea had come by to spend some time, play some games, positive social interaction with friends – and dinner was decided to be an introduction to a new restaurant the two of them had discovered and loved.

As Mister Tea and Teasla were exiting to go find food, there was a comment regarding how it would be neat if I could create something like Thai Tea while they were gone.

I grumbled a little because of time constraints – I wasn’t sure I would have time for ONE test batch of a thing, much less have the option for more if it wasn’t quite right the first time.

PupofTea came into the kitchen with me, for moral support, and to help with taste testing.

The first test batch was good, but not quite right.  I glowered at the clock, expecting the two male persons back at any moment, gave in to my inner perfectionist, and tried a second test.

That seemed right.  Even without the sweetened condensed milk that is traditional.  And there was enough orange in it from the combination of turmeric and rooibos to hit the colour expectation, too.

It was done in time for Mister Tea and Teasla to taste it upon returning, triumphantly, from their adventure to acquire sustenance.

Teasla thought it was brilliant – and he is our local Rooibos connoisseur.  Mister Tea is still sort of meh about rooibos, so his shrug did not effect the feeling that the tea was a success.

Organic Ingredients:  Rooibos, *Turmeric, Anise, Nutmeg

Batch Size:  4.4 ounces, approximately 45-50 servings of ttea

Options:  Loose Tea (Sample, Bag), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag)

Purchasing:  Personal Shop, Etsy

*Most of the time our turmeric is organic.  Occasionally, we have to resort to conventional.

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