2018 Stock Clearing (Tea at a Discount)

Due to the way we deal with samples and testing, at the end of each year I almost always have partial batches of tea that need to be dealt with.

Mister Tea and I consume a lot of tea, and the friends who enter our domicile do help with the over-abundance that always exists in our house, but we cannot manage to drink it all.

Facing the array of tea that I feel needs to exit and be replaced (not due to no longer being effective or flavourful, just due to the timeframe I have set in my mind) – this year I wanted to try something different.

We are going to sell off the partial batches of tea at a 30% discount, hopefully enabling you to try something new with less of a hit to your bank account.

The teas available are:

Leaf on the Wind, SereniTea:  Clear Skies, Archimedes Anodyne, Dragon’s Thorn, Dragon’s Heart, SereniTea:  Sacred Space (both versions), Splinter’s Brew, Thyme Bomb, and Taste of the Summerlands.

Taken:  AnTeaInfection Plus, Blackberry Soothie, Currantly Nuts, Dragon’s Enlightenment, SereniTea:  Mellow Breeze, Sublime Summertime, and The Wizard’s Tower

If you are interested in finding out more specific information on the teas, please contact me directly, or comment on this post.

They will be dealt with on a first come first served basis, and there is only one partial batch of each tea available.

Similar to the orphaned teas we use for product photos, I am hoping to find these partial batches good homes where they will do some good, rather than turning them over to the compost bin.

I wish you the very best possible from a Monday, and hope life doesn’t throw you too many curve balls today.

Monday: One of those days when even your coffee needs a coffee

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