Chronic Illness Part 2: The Daily Grind of Pain

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Note:  This post is about chronic pain from my perspective and written through my experience with it.  I know that this will not cover everyone’s experience.  Additionally, there should definitely be content warnings.  Chronic life involves everything from PTSD to depression to tremendous anxiety to… Chronic pain isn’t a single Continue Reading →

Chronic Illness as a Caregiver: Don’t Burn the Whole Candle

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  Being a caregiver for someone with a chronic illness sucks. There, I said it. Watching someone you know and love live in constant pain, or watching them slip away from themselves and who they’ve always been is a battle in and of itself. Nothing can prepare you for watching Continue Reading →

Chronic Illness: Lacking a Manual (Part 1)

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Chronic illness is hard. Strangely enough, that is actually something that needs to be said. In the first world we are trained to expect answers.  Honestly, I think that this training is part of why chronic illness is so hard to deal with – both by the people living with Continue Reading →

The Undying Cold, Medical Roulettes, and the Hope/Terror Balancing Act

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Life, Our Universe, and Pets: A lot has happened since the last time I managed an updates post. Frankly, I’m not quite sure where to start. Probably with the fact that the past months have been hard, on a number of different levels. We said goodbye to two of our Continue Reading →

The End (of 2016) – Summing up and Moving Forward

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2016 was an interesting year.  And may have been the year that finally taught me that my approach to my own health has been broken for most of my life. I’m not particularly patient with myself, and I hate taking the time to properly rest or heal.  There’s always so Continue Reading →

Some Weeks are Heavier than Others (04/29/16)

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Life, Our Universe, and Pets: It’s been a long stretch.  Short period of time, but one that has felt unending. I’d mentioned that we’d found a trainer that would be willing to work with us in house, which was a lovely heartening thing. However, when communicating with her we forgot Continue Reading →

04/21/16 Updates (Cinnamon Torment, Lego Addiction, and Time to Breathe)

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Life, Our Universe, and Pets: Still more than a week later, but closer than the last time.  I may be finding a rhythm for things again. Our biggest excitement is a return to normalcy.  Or, what counts for us as normal.  In a very specific area. Our chickens are finally Continue Reading →

Periodic Updates (10/31/15)

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Life, Our Universe, and Pets: The plan was for weekly updates, it really was. Then again, it has been a fairly busy and complicated month. Mister Tea volunteered to work the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  I’m not sure how well known this particular Albuquerque event is, but I know that Continue Reading →

Life as a Spoonie (Chronic Pain) (Treasury)

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the Spoon Theory and what it is like to live with chronic pain lately. Part of this came out of the realization that while leaving the house is a rare and special thing for me, there’s this wonderful resource called the internet – which Continue Reading →

Aspects (Etsy Treasury) (09/26/15)

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I do not create treasuries often, which is probably a breach of Etsy etiquette, given how many people have been kind enough to include our items in their collections. It has been suggested that I take the process a bit more seriously than is necessary. However, to feel I’ve put Continue Reading →