Introduction to Intensive Ingredients 4: Turmeric

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Turmeric is one of my favorite ingredients to work with. And not just because it looks so amusing in root form.  It triggers the imagination in a fun way.  Which is good when you need to deal with multiple pounds of it.  Random flickers of amusement help greatly when faced Continue Reading →

Introduction to Intensive Ingredients 2: Lime

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Lime was one of our first troublesome ingredients.  Due to a lovely lady selling lemon/limeades and iced teas at our local farmer’s market, I had discovered that Lime and Thyme went together wonderfully. When you added in the possibility of the wordplay of ‘Thymey Limey’ – we really wanted to Continue Reading →

Chronic Pain, Hot Beverage Alchemy, and a little Parkour….

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Occasionally our work of tea has unforeseen, hilarious, and somewhat dangerous side effects. The morning we finished the R&D part of creating our goat’s milk cocoas was one of these times. We had finished the testing, with near a quart of tests consumed during the process, and were tossing about Continue Reading →

Introduction to Intensive Ingredients 1: Nutmeg

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We have fairly high standards for what we put into our teas. The first step for this is that everything we can source organic, we do.  We have a few ethically wild-crafted ingredients, and one or two things that we just can’t find organic.  (In the latter cases, we make Continue Reading →

Why We Geek (Part 1)

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Mister Tea here again, popping up like our own little Silent Bob for my one (hopefully) meaningful monologue for this particular movie.  I have come to tell you “Why We Geek.”  Or, to explain a little bit why so many of our teas are named to reference various television, movie, Continue Reading →


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Desert Sage Natural grew out of a number of deeply personal concepts and circumstances for my partner and me. Part of it came out of the fact that I suffer from chemical sensitivities, and have been becoming steadily more allergic to most pharmaceutical medicines.  Another part of it was frustration Continue Reading →