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We are working to have full posts up for every tea.  If you have any questions regarding a blend that does not, as yet, have one – please feel free to ask.  If there is a taste we have not yet created, we do love creating new teas, and are usually up for the challenge.  More information can be found in our shops, as well.

Bad Wolf (Vanilla Rosehip Cinnamon Caravan)

Baker Street Blend (Caravan/Keemun/Grey)

Beauxbaton’s Blend (Baker Street with Elderberry and Vanilla)

Believe Impossible Things (Genmaicha with Cinnamon and Nutmeg)

Black Lemon Frost (Black Tea with Lemon and Peppermint)

Boo’s Just Ducky (Chocolate Coconut Herbal Tea)

Browncoat’s Desperation  (Chocolate Chicory Herbal Tea)

Caprican Monk (Ceylon with Pomegranate, Vanilla, and Cornflower)

Caspian’s Chai  (Vanilla Herbal Chai)

Chaimonade  (Lemon Chai)

Chapel’s Chai  (Vanilla Chai)

Chocolate Cauldron  (Black Tea with Chile, Chocolate, and Safflower)

Cinn-Ful  (Cinnamon Roll Black Tea)

Cooper’s Curry  (Sweet Curry Green Tea)

Cowabunga (Organic Green Tea with Orange and Turmeric)

Currantly Nuts (Coconut Currant Black Tea)

Dark City Mint  (Chocolate Mint Herbal Tea)

Darth Apricot  (Chocolate Apricot Herbal Tea)

Donatello’s Zen (Kukicha and Gunpowder with Lavender)

Din’s Vigor  (Cinnamon Chocolate Rooibos)

Dragon’s Enlightenment (Jasmine Oolong)

Dragon’s Heart  (Chocolate Oolong)

Dragon’s Thorn (Lemongrass Rosehip Oolong)

Earlderberry Grey  (Elderberry Earl Grey)

Ent Draught  (Elderberry Ginger Rosehip Herbal Tea)

Farore’s Valor  (Peppermint Green)

Gamma Roast:  Prime Directive (Chicory Dandelion Hawthorn Herbal Tea)

The Great Pumpkin  (Pumpkin Spice Herbal Tea)

Green Standard (Jasmine Green)

Grey’s Secret Garden (Vanilla Rose Earl Grey)

Gysahl Green  (Green Tea with Calendula, Lemon Peel, and Lemongrass)

Heart of the Blue Box  (Rosehip Blueberry Green)

Helga’s Loyalty (Apple Cinnamon Barley)

Hello Sweetie  (Chocolate Chili Chai)

Inara’s Evening Blend  (Pomegranate Chai)

Jayne’s Cocoa Kickback  (Herbal Tea with Chocolate, Ginger, and Hops)

Jenny’s Jasmine Green (Genmaicha Green with Nutmeg, Cornflower, and Jasmine)

Jenny’s Jasmine Grey (Earl Grey with Cornflower and Jasmine)

Katie’s Consolation  (Jasmine White Tea with Nettle)

Leaf on the Wind  (Jasmine White Tea)

Leia’s Legacy  (Cinnamon Black Tea)

Lucy in the Sky with Almonds  (Mate Tea with Ginseng, Almond, and Cinnamon)

Meditation Mint (Green Tea with Lemongrass and Peppermint)

Melody Green  (Green Tea with Citrus Peel and Cornflower)

Melody Grey (Earl Grey with Citrus Peel and Cornflower)

Minsc Chocolate  (Chocolate Coconut Almond Herbal Tea)

The Mintalist  (Peppermint Black Tea)

Minty Frog  (Chocolate Peppermint Black Tea)

Miracle Max’s Chocolate Elixir (Chocolate Turmeric Herbal Tea)

Molly’s Morning Magic (Vanilla Ginger Herbal Tea)

Mom’s Mate  (Triforce Tea with Chocolate, Almond, and Cinnamon)

Nayru’s Knowledge  (Coconut Blueberry Black)

Orange Chaibiscus  (Herbal Orange Hibiscus Rosehip Chai)

Orange you Glad it’s Chai  (Orange Chai)

Pearl’s Pizzelle  (Ceylon Vanilla Anise Cardamom Tea)

Raphael’s Fire (Organic Smoked Chile Vanilla Green Tea)

Ravendane Chai  (Extra Cardamom Chai)

Ravensong  (Chocolate Rosehip Elderberry Keemun Black Tea)

Rebecca’s Rose  (Keemun Rose Tea)

Red Son Chai (Rooibos Chai)

Red, White, and Roo  (Vanilla Raspberry Rooibos)

Rhapsody in Green (Genmaicha with Fennel and Ginger)

Salazar’s Ambition (Black and Green Chocolate Mint)

Sansa’s Solace  (Lemon Cardamom Keemun)

Smoke in the Water  (Elderberry Caravan Chai)

The Smoking Gun (Gunpowder Green and Russian Caravan)

Snickerdoodle  (Snickerdoodle Tea)

Straight Up Chai  (Chai)

Sublime Summertime (Lemon Black Tea)

Take a Breath (Keemun Ceylon Tea)

Taste of the Summerlands (Elderflower Lemon Rose Herbal Tea)

Tea at Pemberley  (Lavender Earl Grey)

Triforce Tea  (Roasted Mate, Rooibos, Black Tea)

Type O  (Chocolate Hibiscus Herbal Tea)

Uhura’s Frequency  (Chocolate Chai)

Weasleys’ Winter Warmup  (Gingerbread Tea)

Wedding Jitters (Almond Cake Tea)

When September Ends  (Pumpkin Spice Black Tea)

Whoa-Oh Blackberry (Blackberry Sage Herbal Tea)

Winter is Coming  (Peppermint Ginger White)

The Wizard’s Tower (Hibiscus Lemon Green)

ChariTeas Header

Archimedes Anodyne (Chocolate Lavender Genmaicha)

Bonnie’s Blessing  (Lavender Lemon Herbal Tea for Sleep)

Dahvana’s Dream  (Chocolate Apricot Caravan)

Ginger and Spice and Everything Nice  (Cinnamon Ginger Barley Chicory Herbal Tea)

I Will Survive  (Vanilla Keemun with Rose Petals and Calendula)

Jerry Cordial  (Cherry Cordial Black Tea)

Lady Liber Tea (Cinnamon Elderberry Earl Grey)

No Place Like Home (Rosehip Vanilla Lemon Rooibos)

The Norn Compass (Chocolate Cinnamon Black Tea)

Pie of the Tiger (Cherry Pie Tea)

Steve’s Three Alarm Zen  (Green Tea with Peppermint and Chile)

(All Available in both Caffeinated and Decaffeinated)

Big Easy Mocha (Chocolate Chicory Coffee)

Istanbul, Not Constantinople  (Cardamom Coffee)

Malabar Brew  (Cinnamon Coffee)

Moctezuma’s Mocha  (Cinnamon Chocolate Chile Coffee)

Paris Lights  (Vanilla Coffee)

Snickerdoodle Joe (Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee)

Sleepy Hollow Spice  (Pumpkin Spice Coffee)

Taste of Tenochtitlan  (Chocolate Cinnamon Coffee)


Azrael’s Snack  (Milk Chocolate Blueberry Cocoa)

Billy the Kidd  (Milk Chocolate Goat’s Milk Cocoa)

Eponine’s Dream  (Dark Chocolate Cocoa)

Goat Side of the Moon  (Dark Chocolate Goat’s Milk Cocoa)

Grampa’s Stash  (Butterscotch Cocoa)

Javert’s Choice  (Dark Chocolate Blueberry Cocoa)

Kaylee’s Strawberry Shiny  (Strawberry Cocoa)

Persephone’s Passion  (Pomegranate Cocoa)

Skellington’s Select  (Pumpkin Cocoa)

Troi’s Temptation (Milk Chocolate Cocoa)

Wicked Cocoa  (Mint Cocoa)

Medicinal Teas Header

Achievement Unlocked:  Still Standing  (Tea for Pain)

Allerg-Ease  (Allergy Tea)

Anna’s AnTeaInfection (Anti-Infective Tea)

AnTeaInfection  (Anti-Infective Tea)

AnTeaInfection Plus  (Anti-Infective Tea for Colds and Flu)

Aphrodite’s Ambrosia (Female Libido Tea)

Aslan’s Breath  (Kidney and Gallstone Tea)

Autumn Morning’s Peace  (Tea for Diarrhea and Pain)

Back to Breathing  (Tea for Sinus Infections)

Blackberry Soothie  (Tea for Ulcerative Colitis/IBS)

Bone Binder  (Bone Healing/Health Tea)

Caryn’s MS Marvel (Tea for MS)

Cat’s Hopeful H.O.T.  (Tea for Uterine Inflammation, Bleeding, Pain)

Cellular PuriTea (Tea for Cancer)

Cellular PuriTea:  Cleansing and Digestive (Tea for Digestive System Cancers)

Cinnamon Throat Soother (Cinnamon Throat Tea)

Cognitive Colada (Tea for Memory Loss)

De-Toxic Avenger (Detox Tea)

Edie’s Not Hot (Menopause Tea)

Expecto Coughonum (Tea for Coughing)

Fertile Ground  (PCOS Tea)

Fever-B-Gone  (Fever Tea)

Getting Past the Joneses (Alcohol) (Tea for Alcohol Addiction)

Getting Past the Joneses (Nicotine) (Tea for Nicotine Addiction)

Healing Potion (Healing and Recovery Tea)

Heart’s Ease (All Versions)  (Tea for Heart Health)

Hershel’s Gift  (Cold and Flu Tea)

Joyous Joints  (Tea for Soft Tissue Damage)

Karen’s Comfort (Tea for Eczema and Skin Problems)

Karen’s Fibroid Diminisher (Tea for Fibroids)

Lemon Glow (Detox Tea)

Licorice Throat Soother (Licorice Throat Tea)

Little Blue Tea (Male Libido Tea)

Lunar Lullabye (Menstrual Insomnia Tea)

Maggie’s Fogcutter (Tea for Mental Clarity and Focus)

Mario’s Goomba Stomper (Anti-Fungal Tea)

Melonie’s Wish (Tea for Kidney and Liver Health)

Migraine Mitigator (All Versions)  (Tea for Migraines)

Moon Song (Tea for Menstruation)

New Hope  (Fertility Tea)

NighTea Night  (Insomnia Tea)

Oculus Reparo (Eye Health)

Oculus Reparo Nervus (Eye and Nerve Health)

Out, Out Damned Gout!  (Tea for Gout)

Return to Dexterity  (Tea for Arthritis)

Richard’s Relief (Tea for GERD)

S.H.I.E.L.D.  (Immune System Tea)

Sage Soother  (Tea for Inflammation)

Serene Stomach  (Tea for Nausea)

Sigh of Relief  (Tea for Constipation)

Slim & Slender Chai (Metabolism and Weight Loss Tea)

Something for the Pain  (Tea for Pain)

Stone Cold Cold Killer  (Cold and Flu Tea)

Thyme Bomb (Tea for Allergy Symptoms)

Thyroid Stabilizer (Tea for Thyroid Health)

Tummy Tea (Tea for Nausea, Gas, Indigestion)

Well-Liver Twist (Liver Health Tea)

Yoshi’s Goomba Mucher (Anti-Fungal Tea)

Baby & Me Header

Baby & Me:  Aftermath (Recovery Tea)

Baby & Me:  Allerg-Ease (Allergy Tea)

Baby & Me:  Baby Belly Bliss (Stomach Settling Tea)

Baby & Me:  Back to Breathing (Sinus Infection Tea)

Baby & Me:  Lemony Lullabye  (Muscle Relaxant Tea)

Baby & Me:  Maggie’s Fogcutter (Mental Clarity and Focus Tea)

Baby & Me:  Milk Aplenty (Tea for Lactation)

Baby & Me:  NighTea Night  (Insomnia Tea)

Baby & Me:  Prenatal Peace (Tea for Pain)

Baby & Me:  Strong Start (Nutritive Tea)

Baby & Me:  Teafor Toofers (Teething Tea)

SereniTeas Header

SereniTea:  Calm Rose (Tea for Tension Headaches)

SereniTea:  Clear Skies (Tea for Anxiety)

SereniTea:  Comfort & Joy  (Tea for Anxiety and Illness)

SereniTea:  Happy Dreams (Tea for Insomnia and Depression)

SereniTea:  Hummingbird’s Haven  (Tea for Anxiety, Depression, and Ilness)

SereniTea:  Linda’s ‘Don’t Panic’ (Tea for Anxiety)

SereniTea:  Logan’s Elixir (Tea for ADHD)

SereniTea:  Mellow Breeze  (Tea for Anxiety)

SereniTea:  Mellow Rose (Tea for Anxiety)

SereniTea:  Questa’s Tranquility (Tea for Mental, Emotional, and Physical Tension)

SereniTea:  Raven’s Rest  (Tea for Anxiety, Illness, and General Health)

SereniTea:  River to Book  (Tea for ADHD and Depression)

SereniTea:  Rusty’s Recuperation  (Tea for Depression, Nausea, and Anxiety)

SereniTea:  Sacred Space (Tea for Depression, Inflammation, and Anxiety)

SereniTea:  Something for the Blues  (Tea for Depression)

Dog's Life Header

Dog’s Life (After the Cut) (Tea for Spayed or Neutered Dogs)

Dog’s Life:  Allerg-Ease (Tea for Allergies)

Dog’s Life:  Ash’s Phoenix  (Tea for Digestive Upset, Infection, and Illness)

Dog’s Life:  Cellular PuriTea (Tea for Cancer)

Dog’s Life:  Ditch the Itch (Anti-Itch Herbal Rinse)

Dog’s Life:  Dulce’s Daily (Tea for Wolfhounds/Deerhounds)

Dog’s Life:  Emma’s Aegis (Tea for Heartworm/Immune System)

Dog’s Life:  Emma’s Heart (Tea for Heartworm/Heart Health)

Dog’s Life:  Expecto (Kennel) Coughonum (Tea for Kennel Cough)

Dog’s Life:  Leaps & Bounds (Tea for Arthritis)

Dog’s Life:  Peaceful Days (Tea for Anxiety)

Dog’s Life:  Puppy Breath Mint  (Tea for Dog Breath)

Tenth Life Teas Header

Tenth Life:  After the Cut (Tea for Spayed and Neutered Cats)

Tenth Life:  Ro’s Restoration  (Tea for Aging Cats)


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