Migraine Mitigator (All Versions) (Organic Teas for Headaches and Migraines)

Migraine Mitigator Tea

Migraines plague many of the people I know.  Family, friends – one would almost think they were infectious.  They are so common, generally, that this was the first tea we blended for someone outside of our household.

MIster Tea called me, and explained that the gent training him as a cable installer was having one of his infamous migraines.  He asked if I could make a tea.

Creating a migraine tea had been on my to-do list for quite some time, so I’d done the research, but hadn’t actually blended the tea yet.  It was long before we’d created Desert Sage Natural, and herbalism was something that I fit in around the edges, rather than the thing that got first priority.

The trainer had an impressive list of migraine triggers, and things that increased the intensity of his migraines, and those made the blending of this particular tea a complicated process.  To start, hot beverages were something he had to avoid, which meant the tea had to be palatable iced.  Our habit of testing the flavour of the teas both hot and iced happened because of the blending of this tea.  Sugar was another one of his issues, so we had to be sure that the tea would be at least moderately drinkable unsweetened.  Lastly, it could not contain caffeine, which completely removed one of the most common additions to migraine relief concoctions, both herbal and pharmaceutical.

Despite the complications, I had some ideas, and worked up a batch of tea that I thought had a good chance of helping him.  I taste-tested it myself, reworked it a bit, and was satisfied with the second run.  A cup was brewed, iced, and waiting when they arrived.

I think the willingness to try an herbal tea had been a desperation move by the gent in question, which made the look of shock and relief on his face all the more impressive.  The rest of that first batch went home with him.

This experience sparked the beginning of the realization that I had a knack for this work.

The cable company Mister Tea and his trainer were working for packed up stakes a few months later, and the trainer went looking for greener pastures than Albuquerque.  Since Mister Tea has no caffeine triggers for his migraines, I reworked the blend for him.

Over the time Desert Sage Natural has been in existence, we have received a number of requests for variations on the blend.  We ended up making an Alternate version for people taking blood-thinners, or other reasons to have potential issues with the herbal predecessor to aspirin.  We also have a CinnaGin version for people who are allergic to Peppermint.  Additionally, we are working on having versions of all the blends that are decaf, since caffeine-as-a-trigger is more common than I had initially realized.

The ingredients of the original version are Feverfew, Passionflower, Willowbark, and Black Tea.  Feverfew was included due to its long history (with science backing it up), as one of the best herbs for headaches (with the science indicating particularly so for migraines).  Passionflower was chosen to ease tension, mitigate some pain, and help with breaking the pain-stress-tension cycle that is so common with migraines.  Peppermint was chosen, in part, to cover the taste of Feverfew.  While it may be amazing for headaches, it is also one of the most noxious tasting herbs in my toolbox.  Peppermint also contains nutrients that help with electrolytic imbalances, which are often a factor in migraines, and it helps to ease the nausea that can come with intense head pain.  Willowbark is a pain-killer, anti-inflammatory, and mild blood-thinner.  This allows it to not just help with the pain, but also some of the other common complicating factors of migraines.  Lastly, the black tea was included as a catalyst, and for the beneficial effect caffeine has on migraines.  (If you look at most of the over-the-counter aids for migraine, one of the active ingredients will be caffeine.)

Our Alternate version replaces the Willowbark with Crampbark, utilizing another herbal pain-killer that doesn’t thin the blood.

Our CinnaGin version replaces the Peppermint with Cinnamon and Ginger, allowing the blend to still maintain all the intended effects of the original while avoiding Peppermint.

The decaf versions of the teas replace the black tea with Hawthorn Berries.

Migraine Mitigator Array

Now for the basics:

Migraine Mitigator (Original)

Organic Ingredients:  Passionflower, Peppermint, Willowbark, Fair Trade Black Tea, Feverfew

Batch Size:  1.4 ounces, 30-35 servings

Options:  Loose Tea (Bag, Tin, Latch-Tin), Teabags

Purchasing:  Etsy

Migraine Mitigator (Original) (Alternate)

Ingredients:  Passionflower, Peppermint, Fair Trade Black Tea, Feverfew

Ethically Wild-Crafted Ingredients:  Crampbark

Batch Size:  1.4 ounces, 30-35 servings

Options:  Loose Tea (Bag, Tin, Latch-Tin), Teabags

Purchasing:  Etsy

Migraine Mitigator CinnaGin Tea

Migraine Mitigator (CinnaGin)

Organic Ingredients:  Passionflower, Willowbark, Fair Trade Black Tea, Ginger Root, Cinnamon, Feverfew

Batch Size:  2.1 ounces, 30-35 servings

Options:  Loose Tea (Bag, Tin, Latch-Tin), Teabags

Purchasing:  Etsy

Migraine Mitigator Cinnagin Decaf Tea

Migraine Mitigator (CinnaGin) (Decaf)

Organic Ingredients:  Passionflower, Hawthorn Berries, Willowbark, Ginger Root, Cinnamon, Feverfew

Batch Size:  2.4 ounces, 35-40 servings

Options:  Loose Tea (Bag, Tin, Latch-Tin), Teabags

Purchasing:  Etsy

*  We do not have all the variations possible listed in either of our shops, as the process of putting a blend together and getting it listed takes time.  However, if there is a combination of options that we do not currently have listed, please contact me, and we will move it to the front of the tea-making queue for you.

**  I am not a doctor.  The FDA (along with other governmental agencies) has not recognized any of this as fact.  We do draw on science as well as tradition, but the path from research proving efficacy to formalized treatment is a long and complicated one.  (Especially since plants can’t really be patented.)  None of the information contained in these pages is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease from a medical standpoint.


9 Replies to “Migraine Mitigator (All Versions) (Organic Teas for Headaches and Migraines)”

  1. Reviewed by w****** 

    Migraine Mitigator (in a Bag) (Organic Migraine and Headache Tea) 

    This is my favorite healing tea. It not only stops migraines while they are still just occipital pain, or when they are full blown pounding, blinding migraines but it also is good for Fibromyalgia muscle tension and pain. I drink a cup every night on the way to bed and sleep well. Thanks, Kei-hawk for this and other great products. Shipping is always prompt and well-packaged.

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  2. Reviewed by i**************

    MIgraine Mitigator (CinnaGin) (Organic Tea for Migraines and Headaches) 

    Thank you SO MUCH for working around my migraine triggers, and custom-mixing me a brew. I’m mid-migraine right now – this provided enough relief last night I was able to get some rest. I’m hoping my glass this evening will help me get some SLEEP!

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  3. By R. M***** (Etsy)

    There is nothing that isn’t wonderful about Desert Sage Natural tea.  I bought a canister of the “Something for the Pain” as I can’t seem to live without it.  It works.  I also bought a jar of “River to Book” in the SereniTea series. – delicious and it really helps me keep my focus while helping me calm down.  I also bought a bag of “Dark City Mint” which is now my favorite tea of all time.  It tastes like a York Peppermint Patty in tea form – SO DELICIOUS.  I also got a bag of the Migraine Mitigator which really helps if I drink it as I feel the headache starting.  I adore the owner, I adore the tea – this is the only place I get my tea now.  You can’t go wrong with any of it.

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  4. By w******* (Etsy)

    It shipped timely.  I haven’t tried it yet because it’s for migraine and thankfully I don’t have one yet.  I’ll come back and edit my review when I use it.  I do know it smells yummy.  Isn’t it nice when the cure is easy to take?

    Ok, so one evening later, my neck is getting stiff and the back of my head is sore and I know that I’m getting an occipital migraine during the night or the morning.  So I make a 16 oz cup of Migraine Mitigator tea, it smells the best of the 4 I have, so I drink it hot.  The peppermint is delicious, the other flavors mingle beautifully and it’s immediately emotionally satisfying.  But the best part is that within 20 minutes the tension and pain in the back of my head and neck are GONE.  One more beautiful, delicious, successfully healing tea.  Thanks, Kei-Hawk.

  5. By B******** T******** (Etsy)

    (Migraine Mitigator)

    This stuff did the trick. The first day it helped ease the pain. Second day by afternoon it was gone. Woke up on day 4 with a slight headache drank my tea and an hour later I realize my headache was gone. So happy I found this tea. Will keep it in stock always. Thanks! Great customer service too.

  6. Reviewed by MB********

    Well I didn’t wait for migraine to hit me full blast. I felt it building and quickly had a cup of Migraine Mitigator tea. All I can say is the migraine never hit thank goodness. I will need to get a big batch to have on stand-by.

  7. By J.B. (Etsy)

    MIgraine Mitigator (CinnaGin)

    Fabulous customer service and a great product. Will shop here again and send friends. Wonderful!

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