Dosing information for Dogs & Cats

You can vary these a touch, based on how your pup or kit responds, and where in each weight group they fall.  I tend to give my pets herbs during the week, and they get weekends off.  One blend in the morning, one at night.  They seem to enjoy the brewed teas best, but I only do that for one meal, so they still get the tooth assistive crunchy.  (And by enjoy them best, unless I’ve added something else to their food, I get the “Why don’t you love us anymore?!?” looks.)  The cats really hate the dry, for reasons I have not discerned yet, but they are fine with both brewed tea and tinctures.

One of the other methods we use for our dogs, when we want to give them a treat, or when I want to do something a little faster – is to make an egg scramble with the appropriate amount of herbs mixed into it.

Up to 10 lbs:

Dry tea – small pinch once daily

Brewed tea – 1/8 cup, 1-3 times daily

Tinctures – 1 to 3 drops, twice daily

10 to 20 lbs:

Dry Tea – a standard pinch

Brewed Tea – 1/4 cup, 1-3 times daily

Tincture – 3 to 5 drops, twice daily

20-50 lbs:

Dry Tea – 1 teaspoon

Brewed Tea – 1/3 cup, 1-3 times daily

Tincture – 5 to 10 drops, twice daily

50-100 lbs:

Dry Tea – 2 teaspoons

Brewed Tea – 3/4 cup, 1-3 times daily

Tincture – 10-20 drops, twice daily

Over 100 lbs:

Dry Tea – 1 Tablespoon

Brewed Tea – 1 cup, 1-3 times daily

Tincture – 20-30 drops, twice daily

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