Desert Sage Natural grew out of a number of deeply personal concepts and circumstances for my partner and me.

Part of it came out of the fact that I suffer from chemical sensitivities, and have been becoming steadily more allergic to most pharmaceutical medicines.  Another part of it was frustration with the “throw everything at the problem” mentality that many tea companies have.  My research indicated that fewer ingredients was better, and if you truly wanted efficacy, you needed to have the shortest list that seemed appropriate.

We began with the teas we most needed, and slowly branched out, adding other teas as issues came up.  After a while, we started being encouraged more and more to actually open a shop, so that more people would have access to our work, and so that we would stop stretching ourselves too thin giving away these teas that worked so well.

Starting a company takes a different sort of research, and a lot of decision-making, some on the fly, some in the foundational stages.  We decided that Desert Sage Natural was going to be as green and sustainable as we could manage, starting with our ingredients and moving right on through the whole process to our packaging.

We also decided that we would be aiming for both tasty and effective as best we could, no matter the issue we were tackling.

We have continued, as we have grown, to keep all these goals in mind.  We want to create teas, both medicinal and tasty, that are good for you, keeping both the person and the environment we live in in mind, while striving to keep our footprint down, in all aspects of producing our teas.  All of the containers we use for our teas are either compostable or recycling, as is our packaging for shipping, and the teabags we use are among the highest rated for safety.  We are always open to new ideas, on all aspects of what we use and how we approach our business and teas.  If you have an idea for greener operation, or even just for a new tea, please ask.


Lastly, we thought a brief introduction to the two of us might be warranted:

Desert Sage says:  I became an herbalist by accident and by necessity.  The chemical sensitivities combined with damage issues (progressive) in my spine and nerves meant I needed other options.  I also have experience working as part of a company that liaised between pharmaceutical companies and doctors, so I know the politics and dishonesty (both intentional and unintentional) that occur during the process of researching and marketing a drug to bring it into use.

I cannot take most pharmaceutical medications, and even if I could, the side effects, especially of pain medications, I cannot tolerate.  I will allow that I am disabled, by a standard nine to five framework, but I see no reason to take medications to help with the pain that make me less able to think or function within the allowances still available to me.  The journey has been an interesting one.

It is a joy whenever we manage to create a proper response to a situation someone is experiencing.  We’ve also been asked to create teas to commemorate life events, and there is a different sort of beauty and wonder found in that level of trust.

Mister Tea says:  I’m not an herbalist, though I have gathered quite a bit of herbal knowledge simply due to the amount of time that Desert Sage and I have spent talking about it.  I mostly consider myself an enabler. I do what I can to enable her to make this dream come alive.  For the most part, this is the running around and the more tedious aspects of getting the packaging together… but it’s sometimes more, like taste-testing (which is the best part of the job) and general tea ideas.  I’m a U.S. Army (19K, for those of you who know what that means) veteran, and a college student.  I’ve seen the effects of chemical-laden foods and beverages on people that I care about many times over the course of my life, though none to the extent that they effect Desert Sage, and think that trying to do something positive about it is the only realistic course of action. I think that the most important thing that I’ve done for Desert Sage Natural was browbeating Desert Sage for years until she got around to realizing that she had something to offer the world and that she should get around to offering it. 

Sanguinia - Caprican Monk Straight On

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