Pearl’s Pizzelle (Organic Vanilla Cardmom Anise Black Tea)

Pearl's Pizzelle, Loose Tea

Pearl’s Pizzelle was born out of two different, very positive, sets of events.

The cookie the tea is based off of has some deeply personal connections for Mister Tea, and more mild ones for me, because he was the one who truly introduced me to them, and that gave them some awesome from the start.

Additionally, the circumstance that led to the realization that we could make this tea is in my top five most amazing experiences with Desert Sage Natural so far.  We were asked to make a wedding tea.  I was floored.  The request came from a woman who I had, yes, had a lot of positive and engaging contact with – she’d given at least as much to me and to Desert Sage in a less tangible sense as what we had given her with our teas.  However, to be asked to contribute anything at all to her wedding day was an amazing indication of trust and belief.

We set out to do it right.  We approach all of our requests this way, but this particular one was far more art than medical knowledge, which made it a bit dicier to approach.

Her resounding review of the tea we created for her was beyond heartening, and it is to her credit, as well as to ours, that this tea has never failed in a taste testing or a purchase.

As it applies to Pearl’s Pizzelle, though…  Wedding Jitters taught us that we could actually create at least an echo of the taste of a pastry in one of our teas.  This opened up an incredibly large set of taste ideas.  One of them was this cookie that, for those who like anise, is a pretty amazing confection.  Given Mister Tea’s connection to it, and the fact that we had some organic star anise on hand, we had to try.

He has this to say about pizzelles:  “I first experienced the wonderousness that is the traditional Italian pastry known as the Pizzelle when I was on the way back from a trip to my grandparents’ cabin in Northern New Mexico.  My Grandfather was the sixth of nine children in a large Catholic Italian family, and his big sister lived on the way home.  My Great-AuntPearl was one of Grandpa’s older sisters (of which he had quite a few), and had kept the secret of these wonderful anise cookies.  From what I understand, this was a little bit of a task.  Neither my Grandfather, nor any of his siblings, was allowed to speak Italian.  My Great-Grandparents had told them: “We didn’t leave everything in Italy to come here and be Italian.”  While they all became good Americans, this was one very tasty tradition that they could not let go.  I remember to this day how swiftly I fell in love with the anise flavour of these light and crisp wafer cookies so very many years ago.  So, while I don’t speak Italian, nor do I have the tools necessary to make Pizzelles, we’ve found a way to get that wonderful flavour and smell that I still remember so clearly from childhood.  I hope that you love it as much as I do, and it becomes a tradition in your family as well.”

This tea has a lot of emotion and care behind it.  We worked pretty hard to make sure it matched up right.

As far as the medicinal properties of this tasty tea:  Cardamom has a number of positive effects on bone health and regeneration; Vanilla is a health powerhouse, and will improve almost every aspect of your health that you can think of;  Oatstraw is a nutritional with a sizable portion of B vitamins, which means it will assist with you all around health, and specifically with any mood issues you may be experiencing;  Black tea is one of the places that you can find anti-oxidants – which are anti-cancer, anti-aging, and just generally a good thing to add to your diet.   The only real warning that isn’t attached to the caffeine in the black tea is that cardamom can drop your blood sugar.

So, if you like Anise, we present Pearl’s Pizzelle to you, not just as a tasty tea, but as a medicinal masquerading as a tea merely for taste.

Pearl's Pizzelle Containment Array

And now, for the basics:

Organic ingredients:  Fair Trade Ceylon Black Tea, Fair Trade Vanilla Powder, Star Anise, Cardamom, Oatstraw

Batch Weight:  3.4 ounces (approximately 30-35 cups of tea)

Options:  Loose Tea (Sample, Bag, Tin), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag)

Purchasing: Etsy


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