Why We Geek (Part 1)

Mister Tea here again, popping up like our own little Silent Bob for my one (hopefully) meaningful monologue for this particular movie.  I have come to tell you “Why We Geek.”  Or, to explain a little bit why so many of our teas are named to reference various television, movie, music, or literary sources.  There are a number of reasons, which will follow in no particular order.


I’ll start off with one that is near and dear to my own nerdy/geeky little heart:  we love this stuff!  Beyond that, most of our friends love this stuff, too.  If you know anyone who’s a Trekkie, a Whovian, a Browncoat, a Sherlockian….  (there are too many to list here, but there are a multitude), you know that They sometimes have a tendency to go a little bit overboard in the love for these imaginary universes.  We know, we do it too.


It’s fun!  Seriously, coming up with names that both fit the tea and the characters or universe that we want is a delightful challenge.  We want to have something that shows our respect for the creative geniuses that have poured their hearts and souls into these worlds that have meant so much to so many.  We try to put as much heart and soul into our teas as is possible, to make them as good (in their own ways) as the sources that they reference.



It’s an homage to the things that we love and respect.  Not everything that we reference will be from pop-culture, (I’m not really certain that there’s a huge fan-base for Charles Dickens, but that won’t stop us!), but when we choose to reference something, it will be something that is a work that we respect.  (And, quite possibly, love with all our geeky little hearts.)

Oliver Twist

We’re geeks.  As stated earlier, we geeks sometimes have a tendency to let our fandom cups runneth over a bit much.  This is how we do that, we let our cups runneth over with tasty, tasty (or sometimes medicinal, tasty) tea.

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