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Some of our feedback doesn’t fit with a particular tea, either because it was given for a special order, or for a pack of samples, or for one of our containment upgrades on Etsy.

I thought I’d take this an an opportunity to talk about our packaging choices a bit, and show off all the options that are available.

To start, as was mentioned in our introductory post, we take pains to make sure that all our packaging is reusable, reused, recyclable, made of recycled materials, compostable, or some combination of the five.  There are a few exceptions, and we haven’t been able to find solutions for those yet, some due to cost to ourselves and our customers, and some because they do not seem to exist.  (The heat seals for the tins and jars being the most frustrating example of the latter.)

Single Batch All and Sundry

On to the options.  For a single batch of tea we do one of four things.  We offer loose tea in a jar, tin, or the compostable bags that are our standard offering.  We also offer the tea, made into single serving teabags, also packaged up in the bags.  Because we like to keep our prices fair, this does make things a little complicated on Etsy.  To get anything other than loose tea in a bag, you have to find our Upgrades and Services section, and order the option you prefer.  One of the reasons I love the setup of our personal shop is that I can offer all the options for any tea all in the one single listing for the tea.  I figure if I find that easier to approach, customers probably will, too.

A picture of Caprican Monk spread artfully around the sample tin it came in.

For all of our teas-for-people, we also offer the opportunity to order samples.  Again, on Etsy, this is a little complicated.  Since we have (current count when this was written) around 130 teas, listing each sample separately seemed a bit overwhelming.  So we have five listings for samples, where you can choose which tea you want from a list.  We split it into five because we were trying to find a balance between being fair to our customers and to ourselves, and the prices of our teas range across such a wide spectrum.  Again, the setup of the personal shop allows for finding the tea, choosing a sample, and heading on with your order.

A large latch tin of I Will Survive with a small bowl of the tea in front of it.

This final option is not yet available for all of our teas.  There are circumstances where it becomes obvious that something that holds more of a tea is needed.  Additionally, if you want more of a tea on hand, an airtight opaque container seemed sensible.  When a tea becomes a standard for us, or gets enough attention that we think people might like a lot of it all at once, or we get a direct request…  We figure out how much of a tea will fit into these larger latch-tins, and take the requisite photos, and offer it in our shops.  If there is a tea we aren’t doing this with yet that you would like to see in a latch-tin, feel free to make the request.

Cocoa Tins

We are also starting to make cocoa, in a smaller size and a larger size.

That’s it, for the moment, on our containment options.  There may be additions to this post at another time, because we have so many ideas of what we could do.

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