Where are the Action Figures for the Real Heroes

Desert Sage and I were having a conversation recently relating to Jessica Alba’s recent appearance on Conan (Conan O’Brien’s TBS talk show) where she talked about her new movie, Sin City:  A Dame to Kill For, and her action figures.  A clip of that part of the interview can be found her on Teamcoco.com.  I’ll admit for the both of us, we still miss Dark Angel, it was awesome and was killed far too early.  (I am still sad about this and have been since forever.)


I then told Desert Sage that she should have an action figure.  She doesn’t see why.  I do, and not just for her as a modern herbalist.  I think that there are a lot of real heroes who deserve action figures.

18--1469227-Young Multi Ethnic Medical Research Students

I think that there should be action figures for Medical Researchers, those tireless men and women who dedicate their lives to ending invisible menaces that terrorize citizens of all nations.  They defend everyone:  young and old, rich and poor, boy and girl, black, white, red, brown…  These people are Heroes deserving of not only Capitalization, but immortalization in little plastic toys.  These are the Real Heroes that our children can look up to.


I would like to see some quality action figures for police and fire men and women.  These people (for the most part) offer up their lives every day that others may live safer, healthier lives.  I have to see that as the definition of a Hero.  Sometimes they give their lives that others might live at all.  I love Superman, I wouldn’t be all that ‘Murican if I didn’t, but I can’t see as much heroism in a man who is basically invulnerable rushing into a burning building to save someone when compared to someone who actually knows that he might not come back out alive.  It’s that willingness to shove down the fear and offer up their own lives that make these people Heroes.  Superman, were he real, might have to worry about singeing his precious blue underwear…  but that’s really not much compared to the threat of death.

Social-securityHow about some action figures for the soldiers who have sacrificed?  Where’s the guy in the wheelchair wearing the “All gave some, some gave all” T-shirt?  That guy, the one that left parts of his body and soul behind in some foreign land, the one that watched the best friends that he’ll ever have suffer and die next to him, the man who did all that because he was told by the men and women that we elected into office that it was what he needed to do to protect everything he loved.  He is a Hero Deserving Commemoration.


Then there’s the overworked and underpaid V.A. Doctors, Psychologists, Nurses, and Physical Therapists who do everything that they can do with limited funds and resources to try to get that  Solider, Seaman, Airman, or Marine put back together so that she can go back out to enjoy the fruits of the freedom for which she fought so hard.  These people who suffer alongside our wounded, trying valiantly to salve their hurts.  These people are Heroes.  Where are their action figures?

So, yeah, I guess I can see her point.  Next to all of these Heroes, I could see why she doesn’t feel she deserves an action figure when they don’t get them.  I think that she should, though.  She spends every waking hour trying to help those around her.  She does this whether it’s for her emotionally crippled partner of 10+ years, or researching medical issues for customers whose needs aren’t being met by the medical community.  While her contributions aren’t as big or as noticeable as some of those that I mentioned above, she’s a hero to me.  And I know that I’m not the only one that thinks so.

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