Heart of the Blue Box (Organic Green Tea with Rosehips and Blueberries)

If you’ve read our ‘Why Do We Geek‘ posts, you are aware that Mister Tea and I have quite a few fandoms that we cherish.

Storied Threads - Whovian Patch

One of these is Doctor Who.  To my chagrin, given I spent a sizable amount of time in England as a child, he actually discovered the Doctor when he was younger than I.  One of the things I learned about him early on in our relationship was that he had been a proud member of a Whovian fanclub before he was 10.

His first doctor was the 5th, mine was the 4th, but we’ve followed the new iterations quite happily.

It only made sense to make teas that were a salute to the Whoniverse.


Heart of the Blue Box came about because we’d added a new ingredient to play with.  While working on an ocular health tea, I realized that the freeze-dried blueberries were really pretty, and gathered herbs to them in an attractive way.  We’d been spitballing Who-Tea ideas off and on for a couple days, after watching the last bit of the ‘Bad Wolf’ sequence, and the rest of the tea followed pretty easily.

Mister Tea helps to test all of our blends.  Sometimes he wanders off with the test cup.  This one I did manage to keep for myself, but only barely.

Heart of the Blue Box also has some pretty amazing health benefits, for a tea blended to be strictly tasty.  All three of the ingredients are chock-full of antioxidants, and blueberries are famous for their assistance with ocular health.

Heart of the Blue Box Array

Now for the basics:

Organic Ingredients:  High Mountain Green Tea, Freeze-Dried Blueberries, Rosehips

Batch Size:  3 ounces (25-30 cups of tea)

Options:  Loose Tea (Sample, Bag, Tin), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag)

Purchasing:  Etsy

* We are not officially attached to or licensed by or otherwise involved with any of the official agencies of the fandoms we homage. If any of these agencies have an issue with our teas, please let us know, and we will work things out.

**  Our thanks to Storied Threads for allowing us to use the image of her Whovian patch.

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