Help Needed (Jodi)

We have decided we are going to add a new section to the “nifty extra stuff and some randomly useful stuff” right side bar of our site.

As each of these links involves a person in trouble, or in need, I figured that the stories should be told.

The woman that this page is connected to ( is not someone who I have known for long.  However, there are times when you meet someone and interact with them, even if all that interaction is virtual…  and you are struck by the feeling of knowing the person for years.

Sometimes it is enough qualities or beliefs in common.  Sometimes it is traits, both positive and negative, that you share.  Sometimes it is a respect and admiration and understanding of the way in which they choose to live their lives.  Sometimes, and this is one of the worst, it is shared experience leading you to have an understanding of where they are.

Then there are the times, like this one, where it is a weird combination of several of those situations.

Strength is not about before it is about after copy

Jodi is trying to get her life together again after escaping an abusive relationship.  To add some icing to the crazy she is dealing with, she also has severe health issues that were exacerbated by the time she had to spend getting out of that relationship.

When you first get out of that kind of circumstance, it is all about survival.  Finding a place to be, finding connections you can (hopefully) trust, finding a way to be yourself again.  One of the primary goals of any abuser is to take away that sense of self, one way or another.  When part of what you are fighting for is to find your personal foundation, every other battle is harder.

Sadly, no matter how stubborn you are, no matter how strong, there are little insidious things that creep in when you aren’t looking.  When you finally manage to get away, you may not even realize that you are selling yourself short, that you don’t feel like you are good enough to ask for help, you may be absolutely convinced that this is something you HAVE TO DO ON YOUR OWN – no matter what you are dealing with.

Compassion must include you]

I commend Jodi for asking.  I laud her for having that sort of strength that doesn’t get talked about, the kind of strength that makes you realize that asking for help doesn’t make you less.  Sometimes it makes you smart.

I have already seen that she is the sort of person who helps wherever and whenever she can.  I have read and heard about her work for charities and causes.

Even in the midst of her own chaos, she is still reaching out, still being supportive of others, still lighting a candle in the darkness.

So, help as you can.  Even if it is just using social media to spread the word.  I know times are hard out there, but the farther it spreads, the more people will see it who will have the wherewithal to help.

Her Facebook page is here.

Her Gofund me page is here.


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