Grampa’s Stash (Organic Butterscotch Cocoa)

Grampa's Stash Cocoa

Most of the time our new offerings are things that I explain, or ramble about, or…  In this particular case, Mister Tea has written up some appropriate words for this cocoa.

He has this to say:

My Grandfather was a certain kind of gentleman, he’d run out of truly horrible vices before I had ever had the chance to know him.  He wasn’t the Minor League pitcher anymore, he wasn’t the GI on the front lines of the Aleutian Front or the Philippines, he wasn’t even the mailman.  By the time I was born, he was already in his sixties and had been expected to die a few years before.  You might guess that he didn’t.  The Grampa that I’d known had always been this figure of joy with white hair and bushy eyebrows, he was obsessed with golfing, horse racing, Oreo® cookies, and butterscotch candies.  This was the man that gave me my first cup of coffee and taught me how to dip a doughnut, or buttered toast in it.  But, it was the butterscotch candies that were a big deal.

Oh, boy was he obsessed with those butterscotch candies.  Those had to have been the channel for his Grampa Magic.  (Grampa Magic being a field of grandparent magic.  I believe that all grandparents are gifted with a special sort magic that is only there for their grandchildren.  It’s real, I’ve checked.)  Grampa’s magic was in the butterscotch candies.  Not those fancy-shmancy Werther’s® Originals®, now, don’t get me wrong… he liked those… but they weren’t the channel for the magic.  He liked the ones that you could get at the back of the grocery store that you got a handful of after dropping your change in the tin, on the Honor System.  (I think that he liked the Honor System for shopping.)  As an example of the sort of magic that he could pull off with these candies, I will tell you about what he used to do on the way to and from their cabin in northern New Mexico.  There was a mountain spring not too far from the cabin where we always stopped.  I would go get some nice, fresh, clean mountain water… and he would feed candy to the squirrels.  Seriously.  He would squat down on his haunches and become unnaturally still, holding out one of those candies between his forefinger and thumb, until a squirrel would come and take it from him.  It was amazing.

It was for this reason that we came up with Grampa’s Stash.  He was never without those little golden disks, and I always have some in the house.  It’s my way of keeping a part of him with me. I know I’m not alone, either, I’ve met a number of people over the years whose grandfathers have shared my Grampa’s obsession with these wonderful candies.

Since I figure that he was one of the greatest guys I’ll ever know, we make it from the greatest stuff we can find: organic cocoa powder, organic powdered sugar, and Yummy Earth® organic Hopscotch Butterscotch Drops®.  (I know, that was a lot of “great,” but I bet you’ll agree if you taste it!)

Now for the basics:

Organic Ingredients:  Cocoa Powder, Powdered Sugar, Butterscotch Drops

Batch Size:  3.75 ounces

Purchasing:  Etsy

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