Loot Crate (December 2014 and January 2015)

We gave ourselves a present for Christmas.

Loot Crate.

We figured we might find a touch of inspiration here and there, or perhaps a reminder of something we’d already wanted to create.

Granted, a large part of it is that a random box full of geeky things that blesses your mailbox once a month…  is cool.

Especially since having ‘real mail,’ is a neat thing even when it isn’t a box of geekery.

Since we’ve been so busy lately, we only got around to the photos yesterday.

This was the full December crate:

2014 - All the December Lootcrate


One of the amusing things about Loot Crate is how neat the boxes are.  I haven’t decided what we’re going to do with them yet, but I know we will find a use.  (Maybe they can become containers for knitting needles or dice or miniatures or something….)

Our best of the December Loot Crate:

2014 - Best of the December Lootcrate

Since we finally took the photos, there will be comic book reading on my day off this week.  It has been quite some time since I’ve had a new one.

Mister Tea and I are still in talks about the Groot socks.  I fear they are going to turn out to be too large for me…  Sadness.  However, I have a far larger collection of odd socks, so he deserves a pair.  (My fingers are still crossed that my size guesstimation will be wrong.)

January brought us this box, on a day we sorely needed a happy mail:

2015 January Loot Crate

Calling it Rewind was right!  I hadn’t thought about Voltron in years, but the shirt brought many hours spent watching it right back.  (Still think the Pink Lion was annoying, but at least they had a female….)  Star Wars, Voltron, reminders of the first days of video gaming…  It was kinda perfect.  It also added a second comic to my “yay I get to read new comics” pile.

These were our best of:

2015 January Loot Crate Best ofMister Tea is waiting for the interview where wearing that tie seems appropriate.

So, yes, LootCrate.  A bit of whee in the mailbox every month.

Definitely worth it, so far.


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