Karen’s Fibroid Diminisher (Organic Tea for Fibroids)

Karen's Fibroid Diminisher Loose Tea

Karen’s Fibroid Diminisher was born out of a conversation with a client about a tea we had already made for her.

Discussion of one medical issue led to discussion of others, and we ended up discussing all the nasty things fibroids can do.  By the end of the conversation, it had been decided that I would make a tea.

It will help with the growth of fibroids, hormonal balancing, heavy cramping, and excessive bleeding.

Recent conversations with another regular customer have made it so we are now offering this tea in a larger quantity, in our latch-tin.

Karen's Fibroid Diminisher Array

Organic Ingredients:  Lady’s Mantle, Dong Quai, Chaste Tree Berries, Jamaican Sarsparilla

Organic or Conventional Ingredients:  Turmeric (We source it organic when we can, but it is a hard ingredient to keep in stock in either format.)

Batch Size:  1.95 ounces, 20-25 cups

Options:  Loose Tea (Sample, Bag, Latch-Tin), Teabags

Purchasing:  Etsy

*  The Latch-Tin is a separate listing on Etsy.  It holds 3 standard batches.

**  I am not a doctor.  The FDA (along with other governmental agencies) has not recognized any of this as fact.  We do draw on science as well as tradition, but the path from research proving efficacy to formalized treatment is a long and complicated one.  (Especially since plants can’t really be patented.)  None of the information contained in these pages is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease from a medical standpoint.

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