Bonnie’s Blessing (Organic Lavender Lemon Herbal Tea for Sleep)

2015 has been an interesting year for us, in the Chinese curse sort of way, on some levels.

We had a month pretty much made of funerals, followed by a broken thumb for Mister Tea, and a hand injury for me (worry trumped sense and I got it in the middle of a dog-fight), and it all wound up into a mess of physical and emotional chaos that made us fall behind in all portions of our life.

We tried to have some good come out of the chaos, and this tea was one of those good things.

Bonnie's Blessing Tea

One of the people who passed in February was my dear cousin, Bonnie.   She had been fighting a disease for a very long time.  When her symptoms first became noticeable, the thing didn’t even have a name yet.

There has now been enough study that it does have a name, and much of what it does is understood –  However, it is chronic, progressive, and there is no cure.

She was brave, and faithful, and an inspiration to everyone who knew her.

She gave me a number of gifts, over the course of her life.  The first was the beauty she created as a dancer, before mitochondrial disease took that from her.

The second was the strength and courage she had, and the battle I knew she was fighting, when I was facing the disease that near killed me.  When I first started showing symptoms, the doctors couldn’t figure out what it was, and I was eventually given a “If we can’t figure this out you will be dead by…”  She’d been told that, too.  She passed that date, and then the next one, and then just astounded people with her will and willingness to continue living.

So, one of the things that passed through my mind every time I came close to thinking about giving up was the knowledge that she was fighting something far worse, that her day to day life was a struggle, too.  And if my little cousin could handle that and face it while still sharing brightness and love and care with the people around her, I wasn’t going to cease my own battle.

The third was the communication we’ve shared over the past few years, after finally properly reconnecting.  Only letters, as travel and timing was a hard thing for both of us.  However, the written word is a powerful thing, and her understanding of the path I was walking was a blessing.  The things that are wrong with me are also chronic and likely terminal, different set of issues, different framework of damage – but being able to talk about that kind of shared circumstance is a gift.

I had wanted to create something just for her for a long time.  Teas were not an option, due to various complications from the mitochondrial disease.  I had had an idea floating around in my head for some time for an herb pillow that could be tucked into a larger pillow, where the scent would help her find sleep.

The herb blend was easy.  Figuring out how to deal with putting it into something was far harder, and Mister Tea and I hadn’t managed to work it out in a way we were happy with.

Once my head had cleared enough of the immediate grief, I realized that there was a way I could salute and commemorate my beautiful cousin.  I worked up the herb blend as one that would work both as a sachet and as a drinking tea, and ‘Bonnie’s Blessing’ is the end result.

This is one of our ChariTeas, and a portion of the proceeds from every sale will donate to the organization her parents chose:

Bonnie's Blessing Array

Now for the basics:

Organic Ingredients:  Hawthorn Berries, Lavender, Lemon Peel, Scullcap, Rose Petals, Hops

Batch Size:  2.1 ounces, 45-50 cups

Options:  Loose Tea (Sample, Bag), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag)

Purchasing:  Etsy, Personal Shop

**  I am not a doctor.  The FDA (along with other governmental agencies) has not recognized any of this as fact.  We do draw on science as well as tradition, but the path from research proving efficacy to formalized treatment is a long and complicated one.  (Especially since plants can’t really be patented.)  None of the information contained in these pages is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease from a medical standpoint.

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