Istanbul, Not Constantinople (Organic Cardamom Coffee)

Istanbul Coffee Closeup

“Istanbul, No Constantinople” was one of the two coffee ideas we had leap to mind initially, when we decided to let ourselves consider the idea of blending coffees.

The inspiration for it was relatively simple, but relatively intense.  A good friend and I used to spend time talking and drinking Turkish coffee back in my high school days in upstate New York.

All topics were covered, real Life, the Universe, and Everything stuff.  This friend was an inspiration and a solace during a time in which I was practically learning a new culture.

The ground was laid for the taste of that particular coffee to become a reminder of solace and real relaxation.

Later research taught me that cardamom is oftentimes added to that sort of coffee, and we ran some tests using the fine powder used in cooking, and it was far closer.

When I sat down to figure out how to turn this idea into a coffee for Desert Sage Natural, we chose a coarser grind, to have it blend in properly with the coffee.  The taste took me right back to those long conversations, and to that friendship.

The name is a salute to a band that has a talent for provoking laughter in both Mister Tea and I, and a song that was iconic to the same timeframe the coffee shop conversations took place.

I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Istanbul ArrayNow for the basics:

Organic Ingredients:  Cardamom, Fair Trade Dark Roast Coffee

Batch Size:  8 ounces

Purchasing: Personal ShopEtsy

* This has been tested in a percolator and in a Keurig.  It worked in both.  We have not had the opportunity to test it in a drip coffee maker.



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