Those who control the Pumpkin Spice….


We have entered the season where All The Things end up with a pumpkin or pumpkin spice variant.

Well….  Perhaps not quite ALL the things, but many of them, and more types of food and drink than I really want to think about.

I know people who wait impatiently through the seasons where they cannot acquire their pumpkin spice latte, and then deeply mourn the passing of its time.

Mister Tea and I decided to create some pumpkin beverages last year, and I thought I would highlight them during this fall season.

Here at Desert Sage Natural we do not believe you should have to wait for Fall, and we offer these year ’round.  All of these are available in our Etsy shop.

First up is our ‘Skellington’s Select.’  Hearty pumpkin cocoa, which surprised us with its level of tasty.

Skellington's Select

Next is our ‘When September Ends,’ our pumpkin spice black tea.

One of our customers declared (via Etsy feedback):

“Love. Perfect replacement for those pumpkin lattes.”

When September Ends Array

If you don’t need caffeine with your pumpkin spice, we also have ‘The Great Pumpkin.’

The Great Pumpkin Array

As all of our pumpkin offerings are made with a fairly fine powder, make sure you have a very fine mesh strainer for the teas, or ask us to make them into teabags.  We tried a variety of methods for cutting and drying pumpkin, and none of them produced the level of flavour we wanted.  The powder is not organic, but is chemical and additive free.

We are working on a pumpkin spice cocoa, though it looks as if we will have to make our own cinnamon hard candy if we are to keep to our rules regarding beverages.  There is also a pumpkin spice coffee in the works….

ALL THE THINGS Pumpking Spice

6 Replies to “Those who control the Pumpkin Spice….”

    • Thank you.
      The fall pumpkin obsession had always sort of confused me, but I understand a little bit now, having made these. Working up the coffee blend (which we haven’t named yet) was particularly amusing, though Mister Tea and I ended up way too caffeinated from testing various methods of brewing it.

    • That is an excellent idea! (I’d been planning on setting one up with all our ‘fall and winter’ teas, but hadn’t considered doing one for the pumpkin spice things.)

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