Aspects (Etsy Treasury) (09/26/15)

I do not create treasuries often, which is probably a breach of Etsy etiquette, given how many people have been kind enough to include our items in their collections.

It has been suggested that I take the process a bit more seriously than is necessary.

However, to feel I’ve put a collection together right, I have to do it my own way.

This collection started with a necklace, and the necklace begged to be the foundational item for a treasury.  The thread that winds it together is symbols and ideas that are important in my life.

We will start with the item that inspired the whole thing.

Paisley Lizard - Raven Feather Necklace

As you can probably guess from our logo, ravens resonate deeply for me.  One of the elements that Raven and Coyote share, in some belief systems, is that of the wise trickster.  (Granted, Coyote is a bit more…  interesting in his tricksiness, but the similarity stands.)  During one of our pen and paper RPG campaigns this was noted, and it was jestingly suggested that if Mister Tea and I existed in that particular world, he would have ties to Coyote and I would have them to Raven.

Aesthetically, silvers and greys are my favourite colour sets, and hematite has long been one of my favourite stones.

I do not change out my jewelry often, as there is little cause, but this necklace was one of those rare pieces that made me wish that I did.

You can find it here.

I do suggest poking around her shop a bit.  She makes neat things, and I enjoy her creative process.  (Through her blog and through The Handmade Forum.)

I left the tab with the necklace in it open for a day or so, as I wanted to showcase it a bit more than just sharing it on social media.  Eventually I remembered the concept of an Etsy treasury, and I’d been meaning to start setting my hand to them again anyway.

The idea for the theme was easy to find, so I began searching for more objects of Raven and aesthetic happiness.

Dragon Star Creations - Raven Box

I thought the design-work for this box was beautiful.

I also have fairly large collections of small oddments of various sorts.  I knit, I crochet, I bead, I paint miniatures, I play guitar when I can, I love quill and fountain pens, and then there is always the myriad small things that collect near any desk.

This means I am always looking for objects of holding.  Boxes are good, sturdy ones are better, and if they are pleasing to the eye, as well – perfection!

Dragon Star Creations also offers an option for personalising the interior of the lid, which is a nice touch.

You can find this box here.

Rain 2 Shine - Crow Feather Quill Pen

Rain2Shine’s feather quill pen was the next shiny object to catch my eye.

I have a deep and abiding weakness for writing implements.  There’s a part of my mind that thinks one cannot ever have enough.  Day to day use, I mostly limit myself to standard pens.  Slightly niftier applications, like actual communication with actual people, and I move to my beloved fountain pen.  When I truly feel like immersing myself in writing-as-beauty-and-gift, I will break out one of my quill pens and a bottle of ink.

Her background for the pen also caught my eye, and reading the listing, she uses those sea charts to package her pens.  I thought this was a pretty spiffy idea.

The pen can be found here.

Tattoo Tea Lady - Raven cup and saucer

When doing any form of writing, a cup of tea is a lovely accompaniment to the task.  Tattoo Tea Lady calls these cappuccino cups, but…

I would use them for tea.  Or cocoa.

We don’t collect cups and mugs, exactly.  Or, at least, we don’t do so intentionally.  However, I do keep my eye out for interesting ones to wish-list.  We are working on an idea for ‘action shots’ of our various beverage offerings, and having an array of options for what to put them in seems like a good idea.

Additionally, her shop name made me grin.

You can find these here.

One of the other primary aspects assigned to the Raven, in quite a few frameworks, is being attached to the boundary between life and death.  Sometimes as a messenger, sometimes as an entity that walks in both worlds – but being a part of that boundary is fairly consistent.

I have some experience with hovering right near that boundary line, and a couple of times I’ve practically lived in it.  So far, every time I have come close, I’ve had a near miss with death.  However, every time I’ve come back from that place, something has changed.  Either mind or body.  So the idea of rebirth, or rising from the ashes, is a fairly constant one for me.

The next aspect I decided to look around for on Etsy was the Phoenix.

Fantasy Leather Craft - Phoenix Wrist Cuff


This wrist cuff leapt out at me shouting “Take me home!  I’m gorgeous!  And even if you don’t ren-faire or costume much anymore you’d wear a leather cuff just because!”

Despite the accuracy of that statement, I could not grant the request.  I could, however, decide to include it in the treasury.

A little oddly, given certain aspects of my back history, I like having things on my wrists.  One of my I-feel-undressed-without-it non-clothing objects is an old wristwatch, with a fairly hefty leather band.  I’ve worn a number of leather wristbands and cuffs into oblivion, because the slight sense of armour gives me a weird dose of mental peace.

You can find this cuff here.

Patrick Burt - Phoenix Ring

I mentioned earlier that I do not change my jewellery out…  ever, really.  I have a couple of earring studs that are always there, and a necklace chain with a couple things attached to it…  I’ll add an earring or two, for some social gatherings.  I sometimes like the option to wear some of the dangling ones that aren’t day to day wear, mostly due to cats.

Rings, however, are a different question.  I have two that are constantly on my hands.  Used to be three, but a bit of weight loss made one of them impossible to wear on my hands, so it is now on the necklace I wear.

I’ve had an odd goal of having 2 rings for each hand, with the addition of at least one thumb ring.  One of the problems is that rings need to be fairly sturdy and exceptionally well crafted to survive me for more than a year or two.  I do a lot of work with my hands, and I have had many slender or ill-made rings break – not due to any violence done to them, but just through the wear and tear of being on my hands.

This ring looks as if it could join the two stubborn survivors I currently wear, and stay the course handily.

Patrick Burt has a number of truly beautiful creations in his shop, and you can find this ring here.

Continuing with the themes of rebirth and transformation and passage, I searched for butterflies next.

Green Hand Sculpture - Butterfly Scrap Metal

Green Hand Sculpture recycles various metal bits and bobs to create sculpture.

This methodology means that this butterfly is more than just a pretty object that I could use as a paperweight to tame the paper on my desk.  It also means that it was made from objects that might otherwise be spending the next far-too-long in a landfill.

Mister Tea and I approve.

Days Long Past - Trina Paulus quote

Knowing that there are a plethora of Etsy shops out there that do nifty things with quotes, I went looking specifically for something from this poem.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far….

Actually, around 20 years ago, in upstate New York, I participated in something called the Teen Wilderness Program.  I’m fairly certain it was designed to help teenagers designated as “troubled.”

One of the adults who wrangled us carried a book she’d compiled herself in her pack.  It was a collection of words about life lessons, and her choices were inspired.  I know I was not the only one of us who found bits and pieces of solace in that book.  This Trina Paulus piece has been a touchstone for me ever since.

Days Long Past uses an old typewriter for his work, and that resonates for me, too.  I prefer the pen, but I like typewriters as well.  Far easier for me to access creativity on something that produces the type with a certain amount of character.

Designs by CNC - Tagore Butterfly


Speaking of touchstone words, Rabindranath Tagore has penned many that I love.

Finding this stamp in Designs By CNC’s shop was a happiness.

It is a concept that those of us suffering from one chronic ickiness or another probably directly think about more often than most people.  When you know that a bone fragment shifting wrong or a nerve sending the worst type of wrong message at the wrong time could kill you pretty much at random – there’s a bitterness that is easily found and not so easily weathered.

The thing is, wallowing in that sort of bitterness lessens the quality of whatever time you have.

For myself, I find joy and beauty and laughter in the oddest places.  I am also lucky in having a very supportive partner, who sort of chivvied me into doing something that I love.

Dix Steling - Abalone with Amethyst Brooch

I took a break from active searches while I was making this treasury and poked around in my favourites on Etsy, to see if there was anything that had touched me that was still available out there in the Etsy-Maker-Ether.

I have featured this brooch from Dix Sterling once before, and am more than a bit staggered that it is still in her shop.

The visual interaction between the amethyst and the abalone alone….

This is a piece where the connection is a bit more abstract than some of the items in this collection.

It reminds me of Menolly from McCaffrey’s dragon books, her life before she was a Harper.

The colours are also comfortable for me, with the abalone shell bringing to mind the times of gloaming.  Twilight, and those neat darker bits as dawn is barely beginning.

SF Stitch - All that is gold

Speaking of words from books from childhood – this bit from Tolkien has always been important to me.

When you are persistently an oddling, this stanza helps.  It wasn’t that I was disliked, and I wasn’t often bullied.  However, there was always this sense of not being understood, or being just weird enough that people didn’t know what to do with me.

These words were one of the things that helped me to understand, fairly early on, that I didn’t need to be “glittery” by the standard of the magazines and I didn’t need to force myself into frameworks that didn’t fit me.

As an added bonus, this is a cross-stitch pattern.  Cross-stitch is one of the ways I keep my hands busy doing something useful when my legs aren’t interested in enabling more mobility intensive chores.

SF Stitch offers both patterns and already made objects.  Quite a number of them are happily geektastic.

Capes and Crafts - Doctor Who I am and always will be pattern

Cross-stitch.  Doctor Who wisdom.  Reminder to hold on to hopes and dreams.

Can one really go wrong?

I’m not quite an optimist, myself, though I have been accused of being so.  The bits of cynicism and realism do not keep me from hoping and dreaming, or from believing that humanity can be good.  (That last one can be hard, sometimes.)

Capes and Crafts specializes in geek patterns, and my wish-list from her is long.

She does warn that while the symbols are Gallifreyan, she did not intend to create words with them.  She also apologizes if they translate into anything rude.

Phoenix Farm Fiber - Drop Spindle Learning Kit

One of the joys in my life is learning new things.  Sometimes it is a new skill, sometimes it is adding to a previously started store of knowledge.  This random quest has helped a great deal during the times I have had to phoenix in my life.

Different fields of knowledge connect to each other in the most interesting ways.  My path as an herbalist is helped by history, linguistics, chemistry, pharmacology, botany…  and that’s only what I can think of off-hand right now.

As far as skill-sets are concerned, there are many different reasons for picking up a new one every now and then.  Keeps your brain active, among other things.

I think this shop came to my attention when I was searching for things ‘Phoenix’ attached, and there was a bit of glee at the idea of this kit.

I haven’t worked with a drop spindle as yet.  I want to figure it out, and make my own yarn.  In part because I find other yarn-work to be meditative and relaxing, in part because the idea of making the yarn seems really nifty, and in part because one of the women who has inspired me has found peace and joy in this type of work.

I have a spindle and some roving on hand, just…   Cats.  I think Dulce is old enough that she would probably leave it alone while I was figuring it out, but cats are an entirely different matter.  Tonks or Athena would probably be incredibly cute if they attacked the spindle, but I doubt I’d learn much while they were helping.

Phoenix Farm Fiber has a number of things to enable the seeker-of-skill, along with a ton of roving for people who already know what they are doing.  You can find this particular kit here.

Saiish Energy Crystals - Ladradorite Bouquet Stone Carving

Saiish Energy Crystals created this Labradorite carving of flowers.

The stone used for this touches on the same points that abalone shell does, for me, as far as the time of day and the feel of the stone.

The carving work done here made me think of roses, which have long held a place as a metaphor for life for me.

Quotes and Prose - Printable Doctor Who Bookmarks

Found these printable bookmarks in the Quotes and Prose shop, as we loop back around to Doctor Who and wisdom.

I had been looking for the “We’re all stories, in the end.  Just make it a good one, eh?” quote, as I felt it tied in well with the butterfly stamp, as well as being something I hope to have accomplished by the time I go.

Finding it as a bookmark in company with some of the other quotes featured here seemed just about perfect.

In fact, bookmarks are one of the things that I never seem to have enough of.  (We have quite a collection, I just never seem to have one to hand when I need it.)  Bookmarks appear to operate like socks and paperclips, disappearing when it is the least convenient, and reappearing in the strangest places.

Sarah Wood Jewelry - Courage Doesn't always roar necklace

This last piece is a set of good words that was gifted to me by a very dear friend.

She sent it to me in magnet form, and it holds a place of honour in the kitchen.  I am guaranteed to see it multiple times a day, and it is something that helps to hold back the tide of sabotaging voices in my head.

One of the fun things about chronic pain or chronic fatigue or chronic illness or…  is that it is almost impossible to feel like you’ve done enough.  You can be perfectly willing to do more, to accomplish more – but too often there comes a point where your body says “Nope.  Done.”  (That’s the nice version.  For me, at least, I’m pretty sure profanity is often involved when my body gets to that point in our communication.  Certainly feels like it.)

It is sometimes hard to remember that being capable of facing your particular set of demons every day can be an impressive thing.

This has been the ‘Aspects’ treasury ramble.  Thanks for ‘listening.’

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