Persephone’s Passion (Organic Pomegranate Cocoa)

Pomegranate Cocoa Powder in a metal tin, on stone, shot from above

Pomegranates have always fascinated me.  From the mythological significance to the oddity of the fruit (eating the seeds) to the lovely flavour.

One of the few fruit juices I like to drink is pomegranate.

At one point I was able to try chocolate covered seeds, and they were amazing.

When we started making our cocoa powders, the memory of that taste drifted back into the front of my mind and I knew that if we could manage it, I wanted a pomegranate cocoa.

It took us longer than we’d originally hoped, as the entire process by which we deal with the organic hard candies we use in some of our cocoas had to be streamlined, but…  ‘Persephone’s Passion’ was finally completed.

The mythological reference in the name leapt forward as soon as we settled to naming the cocoa.

Persephone's Passion Closed

Now for the basics:

Organic Ingredients:  Pomegranate Drops, Fair Trade Cocoa Powder

Batch Size:  4.5 ounces

Options:  Tin

Purchasing:  Etsy, Personal Shop

3 Replies to “Persephone’s Passion (Organic Pomegranate Cocoa)”

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  2. This will be a good combination.The flavor will be delicious.Its a combo of 2 entirely different things and i think this will be just good to be used in cake, pudding toppings etc.

    • That’s a really good idea.

      Makes me wish I’d checked to see which cocoas we had on hand with our meringue cookie experiments this weekend.

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