Goat Side of the Moon (Dark Chocolate Goat’s Milk Cocoa)

Goat Side of the Moon Post

It took us far too long to realize that we should create instant cocoas to stand alongside our more time-intensive versions.

We began with using goat’s milk powder, because we realized we could.  I’ve always preferred the taste of goat’s milk, and my digestive system handles it far better than that from a cow.

We began with the basics – a milk chocolate and a dark chocolate.  We hope to present butterscotch and mint soon.

‘Goat Side of the Moon’ is our take on the dark chocolate version.

Now for the basics:

Organic Ingredients:  Powdered Sugar, Fair Trade Cocoa Powder

Ingredients:  Goat’s Milk Powder (No additives, colours, antibiotics, or hormones.)

Batch Size:  7.2 ounces

Options:  Tin

Purchasing:  Etsy, Personal Shop


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