Farore’s Valor (Organic Mate Tea with Mint)

Farore's Valor Tea

A tea we were asked to blend required a new blend-of-teas tea to be created.  This became our ‘Triforce Tea.’

Having made that tea in salute to the Zelda-verse, we decided that we needed to make three companion teas to finish out the set.

For ‘Farore’s Valor’ we began with roasted mate, and added peppermint.  The mate fit for me for the creation of life, and the smell of peppermint makes me think of my favorite sort of wind.  Cool and crisp, in the time around a rainstorm.

Farore's Valor Array Doll

Now for the basics:

Organic Ingredients:  Roasted Mate, Peppermint

Batch Size:  2 oz, approximately 35-40 cups

Options:  Loose Tea (Sample, Bag, Tin), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag)

Purchasing:  Personal Shop, Etsy

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