Moctezuma’s Mocha (Organic Cinnamon Chocolate Chili Coffee)

Moctezuma's Mocha Coffee‘Moctezuma’s Mocha’ was a natural outgrowth of living in a place where chocolate and chili are considered a completely normal combination, and having a mad blending day where we created a ridiculous amount of new coffees.

It took me a while to warm to the concept of chili with chocolate, though cinnamon and chocolate have been a standard combination for a long time.  However, once the concept ‘took’ with my sense of taste, it became something that comes up as a craving with fair frequency.

‘Moctezuma’s Mocha’ gives you the warming feel of spices from the cinnamon and the chili, the endorphins and soothing of chocolate, as well as that lovely experience coffee brings.  We do offer it in both caf and decaf, depending on your preference.

Moctezuma's Mocha TinOrganic Ingredients:  Fair Trade Medium Roast Coffee, Cinnamon, Fair Trade Cocoa Powder, Chile Flakes

Batch Size:  7.1 ounces

Options:  Bag or Tin

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