Seeking Assistance with ‘Action’ Photos

Occasionally a customer sends us a really awesome picture of one of our teas.  They have ranged from pictures in the packaging, to pictures of the loose tea, to pictures of happy people drinking them to….  We love seeing these.

Leo Pearl'sIn fact, we’ve liked them so much that when we’ve been given permission to use them, we do.  It adds more life to our listings, and it amuses me to have pictures of our teas and cocoas and coffees “in the wild.”

It has gotten to the point where I am almost saddened by all of the listings that do not have these special gift-pics.

Sanguinia River to Book brewed ImageIn light of this, Mister Tea and I have decided that we will offer a special (5%) discount for photos we use.  Or, if you’d rather, we’ll make a note to include a sample of something you haven’t tried with your next order.


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