The End (of 2016) – Summing up and Moving Forward

2016 was an interesting year.  And may have been the year that finally taught me that my approach to my own health has been broken for most of my life.

I’m not particularly patient with myself, and I hate taking the time to properly rest or heal.  There’s always so much to do, so much I require of myself, that I generally aim for “good enough” and then try to go back to the usual rhythm of my life.

Unfortunately, the chronic things that are wrong with me are getting worse.  Having a condition that is both chronic AND degenerative is a frustrating and complicated experience.   My duct tape and bailing wire approach to myself no longer seems to be functional.

There’s a delicate balance when you have a chronic illness, and the smallest things can send your body tumbling out of control.  A flu, a cold – anything that takes away resources that you are already shy of.

I am working to organize my time in a different way, this year.  With an eye to actually giving myself time to rest and recuperate day to day, as well as working on the concept of proper recovery when things inevitably go wrong.

It’s been a difficult process, and hard to integrate into how I approach day to day life.  However, it has become increasingly evident the change is necessary.

Image and Art by the lovely and brilliant: @Likhain,

I may end up adjusting our fulfillment times to reflect this.  There are weeks when an order can go out within a couple of days of being purchased, and weeks when it is not possible for me to manage that kind of immediacy.

2017 seems to be the year we begin to get some traction on proper diagnosis and potential ideas for mitigation for some of the things that have been wrong with me for decades.  The first steps have been taken, and I have a pile of referrals – one to a clinic in another state that specializes in my particular cluster of symptoms.  We don’t have a timeframe on that yet, but it will likely involve a shop vacation for the duration of the trip.

Our primary goals will remain unchanged.  We will continue to strive to create amazing beverages, with an eye to the highest quality in our ingredients.  It just may take us a little longer to do so.

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