Lady LiberTea (Organic Elderberry Cinnamon Earl Grey)

The taste of this tea was sparked by an accident, of sorts.

Our personal tea making supplies sometimes get short shrift when we’ve had a busy day or are really tired or…  We always thoroughly rinse them, but they do not always get dumped into hot soapy water and scrubbed.  As a general rule, a thorough rinsing is all they need.  There are a couple of tastes that will transfer without the full soap & water treatment, but most of the time it isn’t an issue.

In this case, I knew which tea had been brewed prior, and thought any carryover would actually taste quite nice with the tea I was going to make.  The cup of tea produced proved my point, and made me decide that creating an Elderberry Cinnamon Earl Grey might just be a brilliant idea.

As I scribbled down the idea, the medicinal effects of the various ingredients scrolled through my head, in the automatic way my mind has developed over time.  Early morning thought process combined with a dry sense of humour and a touch of snark fueled by not-so-existential political angst…  and it occurred to me that we had wanted to create a ChariTea for the ACLU since shortly after the presidential election results came in.

Elderberry to help cleanse the body politic and increase its immune response, cinnamon to add some needed feistiness to the upcoming battles, and Earl Grey to help maintain a certain level of civility.

We are open to finding out about other appropriate organizations to donate to, if you are purchasing from a country other than the United States, and wish to keep your “fight for rights” funds in country.

Organic Ingredients:  Earl Grey (Black Tea, Bergamot Oil), Elderberry, Cinnamon

Batch Size:  6 oz, approximately 40-45 cups

Options:  Loose Tea (Sample, Bag), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag)

Purchasing:  *Etsy, Personal Shop

*Due to changes in some of Etsy’s policies, this tea is only available with the sample options in our Etsy store.

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