Snickerdoodle Joe (Organic Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee)

One of the benefits/drawbacks to using a Keurig for our coffee drinking is that sometimes the flavour from a cup of coffee will carry over just a smidge into the next cup.

Due to Mister Tea’s habit of alternating his Malabar and his Paris, we came to the conclusion that a Cinnamon Vanilla coffee needed to be created.  It took me a while to actually shake loose the time to do a proper test blend, but in the interim I would sometimes “alter” a cup of coffee with just a touch of Cinnamon and Vanilla for him.  I finally made the time, at least in part, because that method was so inefficient.

The name came easily, as we already had a Cinnamon Vanilla tea – Snickerdoodle, and carrying the theme made sense.

Organic Ingredients:  Medium Roast Coffee, Cinnamon, Fair Trade Vanilla

Batch Size:  7 oz

Options:  Bag, Tin

Purchasing:  Etsy, Personal Shop.

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