Desert Sage Natural’s Fall Sample Giveaway

We create a lot of teas.

So many that at times even I find our selection somewhat dizzying.

And yet I can’t seem to stop making more.  Not a flaw, really, but definitely a quirk.

As we are a small company, we end up wondering what to do with the first iterations of a new product once we’ve taken the photos.  (We keep and drink some, but even we can’t drink all the tea we have access to.)

PupofTea suggested that we try a giveaway.

This will give the opportunity for some of you out there to try some of our newest blends -some before we’ve even listed them.

There was sort of a tea-splosion recently, as I had a day where I just let myself play.

I dove into blending, and took a number of long-waiting ideas off our list.

Problem being this left us with a towering pile of samples that are straining our “made-tea” storage space.

So we will be giving them away, both the loose tea and some that have been turned into teabags.

In order to enter, you just need to follow us on Twitter (and retweet), or like us on Facebook (and share the giveaway post, which you will need to set to public for us to know you’ve done so), or you can subscribe to the blog (and share this post, on the platform of your choosing.)

The teas that are a part of the giveaway are as follows:  Dragon’s Thorn, The Smoking Gun, Dragon’s Heart, Raphael’s Fire, Donatello’s Zen, Leonardo’s Leadership, Cowabunga, Splinter’s Brew, No Place Like Home, Lady LiberTea, Currantly Nuts, Red Son Chai, Pie of the Tiger, Rhapsody in Green, Grey’s Secret Garden, Archimedes Anodyne, SereniTea:  Sacred Space, and The Norn Compass.

When we’ve completed the competition, I will contact the winners to see what their tea preferences are, and we will try to match an appropriate tea.

We will run the giveaway until November 14th, to give a decent amount of time for entries.  Collating the data and choosing (with dice, probably) the winners will take some time, no less than a week past the entry deadline, but we will announce winners by November 30th.  Additionally, we will NEED responses to our queries regarding preferences and allergies.  If you are initially a winner and do not respond to our questions by the 21st, another winner will be chosen.

  •  You do not need to be in the USA to enter this giveaway.  We will not use any personal information gained through this giveaway for marketing purposes.
  • You can enter once per social media platform per day.
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2 Replies to “Desert Sage Natural’s Fall Sample Giveaway”

    • We’d gotten stymied by a pile of teas waiting for photos, so I hadn’t allowed myself to create new ones until we’d finished.
      Unsurprisingly, next time I settled to have a blending day… there was some pent-up energy waiting to be applied.

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