Social Media and Knowing what we’re up to

The world of social media is vast, and there are, frankly, too many options to keep up on.

However, we do keep a presence in a few places, and are working to expand into a couple of others.

Sadly, there are drawbacks to each platform, so I wanted to give you an idea of the pros and cons of each forum – so you will be able to decide what the best option for keeping up with what we are doing and creating.

We’ll start with Facebook.  In part because I have found pursuing an audience on Facebook to be incredibly frustrating, and that has been true since we first started Desert Sage Natural.

The percentage of organic reach on Facebook has dropped to 1%.  And there are reports that indicate Facebook is looking to turn that into 0.  To translate this into easier terms – there are, at last count, 300ish people following us on Facebook.  Unless we pay for advertising, the average reach would be 3.

No, that’s not a typo.  3 is the expected number of people who would see one of our posts unless we pay for advertising.  We regularly get more than that, likely due to the fact that most of our posts end up with engagement.  When I, or someone else, comments on one of our Facebook posts, the reach grows.

Paying for advertising, even if we felt we could, would have its own drawbacks.  When you pay for advertising on Facebook, you are going to end up with a fairly sizable percentage of ‘bots and the like.  Which means some of these likes you’ve paid for are likes that will never engage.  The math gets really depressing.

So, while we do love seeing new likes and engagement on Facebook, for a variety of reasons, it is not a really great way to find out what we’ve been up to – unless you directly visit our page to see if there is anything new.

Twitter is better on some levels – though you have to be looking at it when I’m actually interacting with it – unless, again, you go directly to my profile to have a look.  However, I am relatively active on Twitter.  You will see more about our process, and bits and pieces of life that are not connected to tea.

It shows a bit more of the human side of Desert Sage Natural.

It is a blend of tea, chronic illness, books, random thoughts, and a dash of politics from time to time.  And furry critters.  Mostly my Great Dane puppy, Raubahn, but other members of our menagerie make an appearance from time to time.

Instagram and Pinterest are things we are attempting to work on.  PupofTea has taken over our Pinterest, as I find it confusing and sort of like an internet black hole.  Instagram requires me to interact more with my phone.  Including typing on my phone.  I hate typing on my phone.  But I am attempting to make friends with it.  There should actually be things to see from us on Instagram soon.

However, the best way to track our work is to subscribe to the blog.  That way our various updates and tea posts will arrive in your inbox, to be looked at at your leisure.

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