The Wizard’s Tower (Organic Hibiscus Lemon Green Tea)

This tea began in a somewhat unusual fashion.

The Twitterverse has been an amazing amount of help to us, in a number of different ways.  One of these is having a forum where I can ramble about tea, and people respond.  They help me brainstorm.  Ideas get randomly (and not so randomly) sparked all over the place, and..

… this tea started as a challenge.

Essentially:  “Is it possible to make a tea that looks blue in the leaves, brews pink, and is a little spicy?”

(I snipped the wrong part of the tweet stream, so cannot actually show you the original request.)

There was no pressure, and no specific request for me to make the tea, but…  the concept got stuck in my head.

I spun it around and looked at it from different angles, and remembered that I had an ingredient I’d been meaning to play with for ages that is known for adding blue or purple (depending on PH) to a tea.  This seemed a good starting point, as the flower in question is a beautiful dark blue.

I had to go experiment.

I fiddled with various plant matter for an hour or so, getting a feel for the various colours that could be created with what I had on hand.  (Yes.  Every liquid in those glasses was created with various bits of dried plant.  No artificial dyes involved.)

Having gotten a feel for ratios and options, I settled to putting together a test blend, stage by stage, with the ingredients I felt the tea needed.  It took much fiddling, but…

…  I ended up with a tea that tasted good, had the pink and the blue, and just a hint of heat.

Honestly, adding the chili was the hardest part of the process – it ended up having much more of an impact on the steeped colour than I had expected.

The individual who originally posited the challenge was quite happy with the visual presentation, and already had a name for the tea.  Which was appropriately geeky – as was the tale behind it.

Tabletop RPGs are something Mister Tea and I quite enjoy, so creating a tea that is intended as a salute to a character and a storyline within one was a happiness.

Organic Ingredients:  High Mountain Green Tea, Hibiscus, Butterfly Pea, Lemon Peel, Chile, Cornflower

Batch Size:  2.6 ounces, approximately 35-40 servings of tea

Options:  Loose Tea (Sample, Bag, Tin), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag)

Purchasing:  Personal Shop, Etsy


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