12/23/17: Maintenance and Paperwork, Holidays, and the Love of Dogs

Life, Our Universe, and Pets:

Things continue to be a bit of a mess here.

At least as far as my physical condition.  There have been a few things that we had to do that had a pretty steep cost, and recovery from pushing myself that far beyond what I ‘should’ do takes a long time.  Especially when you can’t quite grant yourself the leeway to do it properly.

Our menagerie continues to be one of the best and brightest parts of our reality.  Dulce is sweet and always knows when she needs to be extra gentle with her paws.  Raubahn is gaining many new skillsets – like spinning my desk chair away from the workspace and towards him and trying to prompt me to relax – or instinctively knowing that I’m about to get more wibbley (either in the joints or with dizziness) and leaning into me slightly, to prebrace for a potential fall.

Black Great Dane puppy with just his nose visible from the blue camo toy he has stuck his face through and is chewing on.

“I am a pretty pretty flower, Mom”

I still can’t let him catch me, and he’s still not physically mature, so can’t actively work on the mobility training – but he is a smart pupper, and his instincts are impressive.

He will be starting a class in January, to start working on some of the bits that we can work on now, and to get him used to being around other dogs (when playtime is not involved.)

Social Media and the Internet:  From SHINY! to the RNG hates me

Twitter, particularly, continues to be a saving grace and an inspiration.  (While navigating cautiously through politics and spoilers and terrifying world events/leaders.)

More recently, it has made my tea ideas list spin slightly out of control – but I don’t mind, and sort of asked for it.

One of my recent projects was to figure out which of our foundational ingredients needed to have more things made with them, and I’ve been asking my part of the Twitterverse for thoughts on what we should create.  (We could still use more ideas – and I may actually write a post specifically about that.)

I now have a long list of things that will eventually happen with White tea, as well as some interesting ideas for things not involving that tea that came out of the list of suggestions for it…

Small White Bowl of flowers, herbs, and tea bracketed by a small glass bowl and larger tea mug full of pink tea.

Still disconcerted that colour could now be a goal if I wanted to do so.

Teas, Cocoas, and Coffees (Oh My!)

We’ve only introduced one new tea since our last updates post:  The Wizard’s Tower.  It isn’t that we don’t have more to introduce to you – just time and health factors combined with the various forms of chaos the holiday season brings have limited what we can manage.

We have finally managed to take most of the needed photos.  The Potterverse teas will be able to be listed.  We still need to take a day and work on gift set photos.

Most of what I have been focusing on recently has been updating prices, and updating all of our Etsy listings for the new system for samples – as well as introducing our new “single teabag” option.  Additionally, I’m working on making teabags available as an option within the individual listings on Etsy.

It is consuming far more time than I had originally estimated.

However, due to new ingredients, and a plethora of new ideas – there are potentially some very exciting things coming.

We are also considering setting up a Patreon page – for more than just tea.  We’ve been brainstorming ideas for rewards (most of those, of course, involve tea) – as well as considering creating a webcomic covering bits and snippets from our tea/chronic illness/furry family reality.

We’d love input on what you might like to see from us.

Beyond that, I wish for you the best of holidays, and a coming year full of hope, promise, and joy.

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