Desert Sage Natural Spring 2018 Giveaway

Pyramidal stack of 5 serving tea tins.


If you are familiar with Desert Sage Natural and our work, you are aware that I create a lot of teas.

Possibly too many teas.

At least when considered from a storage perspective.

For each new blend, we create a loose tea sample, a teabag sample, a single teabag, and a full batch of loose tea in a bag. It adds up swiftly, and turns into piles of things that take up space that we need for other things.

Which turns into needing to figure out what to do with them.

Mister Tea and I drink a lot of tea, and the people who visit our house tend to help, but….
Fall of last year it was pointed out to us that we could do giveaways. It would give people the opportunity to try our teas, as well as expanding our reach and freeing up some of that storage space.

As I’d expected, it has been a few months, and we are more than ready to do another one. (Partially a side effect of figuring out two new gift sets at the same time.)

We are doing things slightly differently than we did the first time. This time, one of the winners from the giveaway will be able to choose a full batch of one of the included teas. Additionally, we have an orphan cocoa that is also seeking a home.

Array of open sample tea tins with a riotous rainbow of colour represented.

The teas involved in this giveaway are: Archimedes AnodyneBeauxbaton’s BlendChocolate CauldronCowabungaDurmstrang’s DraughtEmbersGodric’s CourageHelga’s LoyaltyLeonardo’s LeadershipLove Brew LoveMerry And BrightMinty FrogMolly’s Morning MagicRaphael’s FireRowena’s WitSalazar’s Ambition, Spindle’s Bite, Splinter’s BrewSublime Summertime, Thai-Dyed Tea, Thyme BombWeasleys’ Winter Warmup, and The Wizard’s Tower.  (Not all of them have been listed yet, I will add links as they go live.  Additionally, we have a few teas in process that may be added to the list if I finish the work on them before we end the giveaway.)

The cocoa is Betsy’s Best.

To enter:

Follow us on Twitter (and retweet the giveaway)

Like us on Facebook (and share the post.  You will need to set it to public or we won’t know that you’ve done so.)

Subscribe to the blog, and share this post – on a platform of your choosing where we have a presence.  (Just make sure to tag us to allow us to know that you’ve done so.)

Follow us on Instagram, like the post, and share.

We will run the giveaway for the month of April – as this is a lot of tea.  Collating the data and rolling the dice for the winners will take some time, but we will announce the winners by May 14th.  Additionally,we will NEED responses to our queries regarding preferences and allergies.  If we contact you for that information, you will have a week to respond, and if there is no response we will choose another winner.

  • You do not need to be in the United States to enter this giveaway.
  • We will not use any personal information gained through this giveaway for marketing purposes.  We will not share any information gathered through this process, either.
  • You can enter once per social media platform per day.
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