Desert Sage Natural 2018 Fall Tea Giveaway

If you have followed us for any length of time, you know that we create a lot of tea.

We also do not have a brick and mortar shop, so our space is at a premium.

On one hand, this means your tea is always blended to order – and will have been made within days of being shipped.

On the other hand it means that the objects required for product photos shift from “we need this” to “we need to get this out of the way of other things” in the time it takes to do a photo shoot.

We’ve reached the point where our “Orphan Tea” 1 boxes are full again, which means it is time to do another giveaway.

An array of tea tins, on and around a flute case. A Bird of Prey and the Winchester's car pose with the teas. Behind the top row are two books.

The teas we are giving away, with some bits of inspirational material – for fun! If you have not read anything by Aliette de Bodard or Guy Gavriel Kay, we encourage you to do so.

The teas involved in this giveaway are:  Taliesin’s Tonic, The Lime in the Coconut, Fire in the Sky, Mama Girl’s Memory, Galactic Green,The Smoking Nun, The Hole in the Roof, SkeleTea, Mother’s Embrace, No Sleep ’til Burque, Nikki’s Heat, Enchanted Forest, Requiem for a Redshirt, St. John’s Verity, Crowley’s Kiss, Syzygy. Cratakardia, The Blues Berries, and Falkor’s Flight.  (Not all of these teas have been released properly as yet, links will be added as they are listed.  Additionally, we will add any other teas that are finished before the giveaway ends.)2

We have two samples of each tea to give away, one of loose tea, and one of teabags.  We send two samples to each winner.  Additionally, one Grand Prize winner will be able to choose a full batch of one of the featured teas.  If they would like – Winners can choose to gift their winnings.

As in our prior giveaways, we do welcome international entrants, but due to changes in shipping costs, we have had to change how many packages we can ship overseas.  For this particular giveaway, we will allow for 3 international winners.

To enter:

Follow us on Twitter (and retweet the giveaway)

Like us on Facebook (and share the post.  You will need to set it to public or we won’t know that you’ve done so.)

Subscribe to the blog, and share this post – on a platform of your choosing where we have a presence.  (Just make sure to tag us so we know what you’ve done.)

Follow us on Instagram, like the post, and repost, tagging us and include #dsnteagiveaway in your hashtags.

The entry period will be until October 16th – as this is a lot of tea.  Collating the data and rolling the dice will take some time, but the winners will be announced by November 10th.  Additionally,we will NEED responses to our queries regarding preferences and allergies.  If we contact you for that information, you will have one week to respond, and if there is no response we will choose another winner.

  • You do not need to be in the United States to enter this giveaway.  International entries are encouraged.
  • APO/FPO addresses are US addresses.
  • We will not use any personal information gained through this giveaway for marketing purposes.
  • We will not share any information gathered with any other entities.
  • You can enter once per social media platform per day.


  1. “Orphan Teas” are our parlance for ‘teas that we need to have go away now.’ Finding them homes is part hobby, part necessity.
  2. Our thanks to libraries full of good books, everyone involved in ‘Bones,’ Deep Purple, everyone involved in ‘Castle,’ #365teas, science and those who pursue it, everyone involved in Star Trek with special gratitude to Gene Roddenberry, interesting buildings, everyone involved in ‘Supernatural’ and several lovely people from that fandom, JK Rowling and bits of the fandom of the Potterverse, the people who brought us ‘The Blues Brothers,’ and also those who brought us ‘The Neverending Story.’

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