Pacing: The Final Frontier

Due to a variety of factors, some positive, some not, I came to a remarkably obvious conclusion recently.

I should keep blog content (and thus the work required to create it) delineated by some sort of schedule.

Which will have the side benefit of letting you know when to expect various types of information from us.

I’ve also read that it will make search engines happier.

I hadn’t really noticed until we started recording audio for all of our posts – but putting a blog post together can be fairly time-consuming, as well as rather energy intensive.  The audio greatly expands that, depending on how many takes are required to get it right.  There was one particular post recently that between internet issues with image uploads and a rather persnickety audio track – took over 6 hours to get live.

As I am finally starting to look into concepts of “pacing” and other methods of salving the effects of chronic life, I figured I should take a look at how I organize my workdays, and see if there was anywhere a mite bit of sanity could be added.

The primary thing that leapt forth as something that might help was a more focused attempt at organizing when and how work gets done.  Right now I sort of flit through doing everything, pushing time delineated stuff further forward, but still trying to cover all the bases every day.

It mostly works.

But I’m hoping that imposing a wee bit of order on my personal chaos will improve my overall spoon and energy levels.

A picture of Yoda with the text "Too many things you do. Focus you must."

To this end – here is the hoped for scheduling:

New teas will be released on Tuesday.  I will be trying to remember to mention them more than once per day, as well, to give all interested parties the option to find out – regardless of their home timezone or preferred sleep schedule.  The original thought was Monday, as a new tea with a tale attached might be a brightener for that first day of the week.  Mister Tea thought that Tuesday would be better, as Mondays can be eaten by the hectic catch-up of all the data for the weekend, and it would still hopefully be an early-in-the-week day brightener.

One of the projects currently on deck is to record audio for all of our old posts, to bring them up to our current standards.  It is something I have only barely scratched the surface on, as I am discovering that I will probably want to rewrite most of them.  However, as those are completed, they will be re-posted on Thursdays.

We will occasionally be spinning out a post on Mondays.  I’ve decided, true to the sense of the day, that work-a-day posts like Intensive Ingredient Introductions, packaging and labeling changes, shipping protocols…  all the things that have to do with the work of tea without actually being a post about tea will happen on Monday.

Friday will be for the update posts, if I ever start writing them again.  I’m still waffling a bit on whether or not to do so.  Not sure how much of what goes on here beyond hot beverages and our furry critters people would be curious to know.

On the weekends we will deal with content that has nothing to do with teas.  Our budding series about living with chronic illness, and any other commentary that has more to do with life and our take on it than it does about tea.

There may occasionally be a roulette post that pops up on other days of the week – when I have something that doesn’t feel like it fits in any of the categories set.  Additionally, there will be Adventures in Cooking from time to time – and if they become regular enough, they may get their own day.

Hopefully I will fall into this new rhythm swiftly, and we will see some positive effects.

Hope your Monday isn’t too Monday-like, and that you have plenty of tea to get you through the day.

An image of Obi Wan Kenobi with the text "Happy Monday, now that's an oxymoron I haven't heard since..."

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