Mister Tea’s ‘The Night Before Christmas’

‘Twas a fortnight before Christmas, and all through the house

All the creatures are stirring… even the mouse.  1

The teas were all sitting on shelves with great care,

Waiting for orders that soon would be there.

The dogs were excited, and playing with toys,

While we laughed at the antics of our goofy boys. 2

And ‘Sage in her hoodie and I in my cap,

Couldn’t settle our brains for a quick winter nap.

When deep in the kitchen there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter.

Away to the door I flew like a flash,

To see which dorky kitten had made such a crash.

The light through the window shined clear and bright,

Allowing my eyes to see clearly the sight

Of my kitties so cutely, with vigor and vim

Playing adroitly with tin upon tin.

I shooed them off swiftly, to see what could be saved.

The the tins were too damaged, I was dismayed.

I rummaged about, looking for more,

When Desert Sage came to peek in through the door.

“What in the world,” she said, “did the goofballs do now?”

Her lips in a grin topped with an arched brow.

Seeing my panic, she fixed it up in a dash.

She hied herself forth to her secret stash.

After replacing the tins in no time at all,

‘Sage then re-filled them, she’s so on the ball.

The teas were then ready to be sent

Out in the world without even a dent.

When all this was done, we were quite tired.

But, in spite of it all, we were also somewhat wired.

We decided right there to relax with some Grandpa’s Stash,

Knowing that it would put us out in a dash.

Nestled in deep with cocoa, quite hot,

We finally relaxed, and fell asleep on the spot.

With pets all around us, we felt quite loved.

And while drifting off, we heard from above

The patter of snow, in the desert quite rare,

A gift from the skies falling down through the air.

The following morning, we woke with such glee

Gazing out at the snowscape while sipping our tea.

Whatever you celebrate this holiday season, we at Desert Sage Natural hope that you do so surrounded by the love of friends, family, and fuzzies.  (Or featheries, or scalies, or whatever.  We’re not picky.  Pets of all sorts are awesome.)

We appreciate that you’ve invited us to be part of your lives and celebrations, and hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic 2019!


  1. Don’t worry, it’s outside.  Far from the tea.
  2. Ok, only one is a boy. Take it as poetic license.

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