Solace (Organic Roasted Kukicha, Hawthorn Berries, Lemon Balm)

A small white bowl on a textured green marble table full of a blend of roasted kukicha, hawthorn berries, and lemon balm.

Solace, and its companion tea – Sanctuary – were born out of a particularly nasty flu that was one of the gifts the holiday season of 2018 gave to me.

We’d been out of most of our useful for sick and pain teas when it began, and as I do not blend when I am ill, this means I didn’t have the tools I typically use to make myself less miserable.

This led to spending around a month in various sorts of delirium.

Pain delirium.  Fever delirium.  Can’t-breathe-and-am-close-to-passing-out delirium.

These sorts of states make my brain even more likely to make zipping connections and my thoughts run even more amuck than usual.

It’s actually sort of frustrating sometimes, as my handwriting also tends to suffer and my idea of shorthand that I will remember the meaning of becomes a bit unhinged and often less than useful.

Many ideas have been lost to the combination of those factors.

Happily, the concept for these two teas came closer to the tail end of the sick, at the point where I was starting to be able to think more functionally, though body was nowhere near to catching up.

I’d been alternating back and forth between a couple of research books and a for-fun book, and a few facts about Lemon Balm stuck out as being quite important, given my current physical woes.

It can help to ease chest congestion –  of which I had a lot.  And it is one of the gently soothing nutritive herbs that can help with anxiety.

These thoughts were drifting around, not attached to anything in particular, until I began catching up on blending for orders, and working on the new organizational system for our ingredients that Mister Tea and I had worked out in some of the lucid moments during the depth of the sick.

The scent of Lemon Balm seemed particularly glorious – and I realized that I didn’t think we’d made a Simply Tasty tea that involved it.  Medicinals galore, of course, given it is one of the nutritives – but nothing created specifically for the enjoyment of the flavour.

I mentioned on Twitter that I felt the need to make tasty teas with Lemon Balm, and was treated to a memory from one of our followers.

Apparently Lemon Balm had been the special component to sun teas in her childhood, and it was a taste remembered and loved.

I scribbled down an idea attached to that, and went on with the blending.

As I was working, another idea jumped into my head.  One that would allow me one of my comfort flavours, but with some “good for what currently ails me” tossed in to make the tea in question both a enjoyable taste experience as well as having a smattering of the currently needed health benefits.

I’d been fixating on ‘Into the Dark Woods’ because Roasted Kukicha has ever been a comfort to me.

I figured adding hawthorn would ease some of the back of my mind’s paranoia about the intense chest pain I’d been experiencing.  Intellectually I knew that it was because dislocated ribs and the inflammation caused by them can be a truly terrible experience1, but there’s always that small voice that wonders if this is the time we are ignoring an actual life threatening event.  I also enjoy the taste of it.  Honestly, I’ve always been amused and happy with the fact that so many of the tonic herbs taste so lovely.

The Lemon Balm was added in because the smell had been glorious, the mention of a memory had gotten it solidly stuck in my head as something I needed to blend with, and the idea of easing a bit of the anxiety that gets a power-up when I’m sick as well as maybe loosening the chest congestion? – seemed perfect.

Oddly enough, while orders have to come before personal restock, blending a new tea is allowed.2  Especially as I had been trying so hard to be a good human and balance my own physical limitations with the need to catch up on everything that had fallen to the side while the sickness was in ascendancy.

I often reward myself for good behavior by allowing myself to blend a new tea.

That first test cup was a wonder.

Apparently that combination was exactly what I had needed in those particular moments.

And I knew I’d gotten it right with the first test blend, because my response to finishing the first cup was to start a second steeping.

It was soothing and comforting and gently helpful and…  Solace was the first and only name that came to mind because it was what it gave me.

Two bags, a large latch-top tin, a standard tea tin, a small round tin, and a rectangular packet of a size to hold a teabag arrayed around a small white bowl full of a blend of roasted kukicha, hawthorn berries, and lemon balm.  The labels read Solace - and list what is in the bowl as ingredients, specifying that they are organic.

Organic Ingredients: Roasted Kukicha, Hawthorn Berries, Lemon Balm

Batch Size: 1.8 ounces, at least 25 servings of tea

Options: Loose Tea (Sample, Bag, Tin, LatchTin), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag, LatchTin)

Purchasing: Personal Shop, Etsy Store

  1. The wracking coughing fits that happened during the flu made a bad situation much worse, as far as the ribs go.
  2. Yes, I realize the priority there is potentially skewed, and I probably should have restocked our “for sick and pain” teas before attacking the backlog… but I was still feeling dodgy enough that the ‘normal’ protocols had asserted themselves without examination.

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